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Understanding the ‘What About Me’ Effect: A Viral Phenomenon on TikTok

'What About Me' Effect
'What About Me' Effect

In the dynamic realm of digital content creation, the “What About Me” effect is making waves on TikTok. Coined by TikToker Sarah, it reflects an individualistic approach combined with chronic online engagement. This effect comes to light when individuals, though not the target audience, seek personal relevance in the content they consume.

Sarah emphasizes the need to recognize the intended audience and avoid seeking accommodations for every piece of content.

Sarah’s revelation was sparked by a seemingly straightforward recipe video about bean soup shared by TikToker Kara.

However, the comments section showed a divergence. Viewers who disliked beans asked for alternatives, inadvertently missing the point that the dish was specifically about beans.

This self-centered approach, Sarah notes, stems from an individualistic culture seeking validation and accommodations in every context.

Sarah’s take is relatable. She cites her gluten intolerance as an example, illustrating that not every content piece should cater to personal preferences.

She encourages viewers to refrain from asking creators for personalized solutions and to respect the content’s intended audience.

The essence is clear: if a video isn’t for you, it’s okay to skip it, saving creators from a barrage of unrelated queries.

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