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Viral: Landlord Demands Tenant to Pay Rs 52,000 for ‘Almost Invisible’ Floor Scratch: Did She Pay?

Landlord Demands Tenant to Pay Rs 52,000 for 'Almost Invisible' Floor Scratch: Did She Pay?
Landlord Demands Tenant to Pay Rs 52,000 for 'Almost Invisible' Floor Scratch: Did She Pay?

In a recent Reddit post, a tenant shared their ordeal of a landlord demanding a hefty sum for what they described as an “almost invisible” scratch on the floor. The landlord’s request amounted to AUD 1,000 (approximately Rs 52,900), sparking a debate on the fairness of such a demand.

The Reddit user posted their query with the title, “Landlord wants to charge $1000 for a scratch mark on a panel of timber wood floor.” In their post, they expressed astonishment at the landlord’s demand, deeming it “ridiculous.” The tenant sought the opinions of the online community, explaining that the landlord intended to replace the entire flooring due to a “minimal scratch” on a single panel of timber flooring.

The tenant inquired, “Just want to ask if it sounds ridiculous to you that my landlord wants to charge $1000 for a minimal scratch on a panel of a timber floor?” They emphasized the scratch’s minimal and almost imperceptible nature. They further noted that the landlord estimated the cost of redoing the entire flooring at AUD 28,000.

The post quickly gained attention and generated various responses. Some Reddit users suggested that if the scratch resulted from careless damage by the tenant, they might be responsible for the cost. However, many found AUD 1,000 to be excessive for what they perceived as a minor scratch. Some even speculated that the landlord might be using the tenant’s payment to fund a new floor.

Others argued that minor scratches should be expected as part of normal wear and tear in a rental property. One commenter expressed disapproval, referring to the landlord as a “parasite.”

In an update, the Reddit poster revealed that they didn’t agree to pay the initial AUD 1,000. After negotiations, the landlord reduced the charge to AUD 500. The tenant acknowledged that she wanted to dispute the amount, but her partner preferred not to invest more time in the matter, leading to the decision to pay AUD 500.

The tenant also raised questions about the landlord’s intentions, as the premises had already been rented out to new tenants, making the timing of the floor replacement questionable. She expressed her frustration and hinted that she would have pursued legal action if circumstances were different.

The situation highlighted the challenges and disputes that can arise between tenants and landlords, especially when it comes to property maintenance and repair costs.

In such cases, it is advisable for both parties to clearly outline their responsibilities and expectations in the lease agreement to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

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