Home Viral Raechelle Chase’s Sudden Passing Leaves Fitness World in Mourning

Raechelle Chase’s Sudden Passing Leaves Fitness World in Mourning

Raechelle Chase's Sudden Passing Leaves Fitness World in Mourning
Raechelle Chase's Sudden Passing Leaves Fitness World in Mourning

The fitness and bodybuilding world was struck by a wave of sadness with the sudden and unexpected passing of Raechelle Chase, an Auckland-based bodybuilder and fitness influencer. Raechelle, who had inspired millions with her fitness journey, left behind a legacy that touched the hearts of many. Her eldest daughter, Anna, led the tributes, remembering her mother as a supportive, kind-hearted person who had the best advice for her family.


Raechelle Chase: A Fitness Icon

Raechelle Chase was not just an influencer but a trailblazer in her own right. In 2011, she became the first Kiwi woman (New Zealander) to participate in the prestigious Olympia bodybuilding event in Las Vegas, USA. She later transitioned into a fitness model and influencer, offering fitness coaching through online platforms. Her dedication and achievements even earned her a place on the covers of several renowned magazines.

Overcoming Personal Struggles

In 2016, Raechelle Chase opened up about a toxic and abusive relationship she endured after separating from her husband, Chris Chase. Her husband’s involvement in distributing a designer drug in New Zealand in 2012 added to her challenges. Raechelle’s story resonated with many as she revealed that it wasn’t just her but her entire family that suffered during those turbulent times.

A Heartbreaking Loss

Raechelle Chase’s sudden passing in early October 2023 came as a shock to her 1.4 million social media followers and the entire fitness community. She leaves behind five children, and the cause of her death remains unknown. The Ministry of Justice spokesperson confirmed her death is under investigation by the police, citing its recent nature as a reason for limited available information.

Tributes and Grief

Raechelle’s demise left her friends and fans grappling with grief. Keith O’Connell, a friend, expressed his shock, describing her as “one of the kindest souls” he had ever known. Her journey, achievements, and the legacy she leaves behind have resonated with countless people worldwide, making her a cherished figure in the fitness and bodybuilding world.

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