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‘Just Cooking Like a Wow’: Amul Joins Viral Meme Trend with Adorable Doodle

'Just Cooking Like a Wow': Amul Joins Viral Meme Trend with Adorable Doodle
'Just Cooking Like a Wow': Amul Joins Viral Meme Trend with Adorable Doodle

In recent weeks, a catchy catchphrase has taken Instagram Reels by storm. If you’ve been scrolling through the platform, you’ve likely encountered the phrase, “So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!” This viral sensation was coined by Jasmeen Kaur, a boutique owner in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar, during an Instagram Live session. The trend has even caught the attention of celebrities who have jumped on board the ‘Looking like a wow’ trend.

Amul, the renowned dairy brand, decided to join in on the fun, displaying their creative marketing strategy. On November 6, Amul shared an endearing doodle on social media to be a part of the ‘just looking like a wow’ trend. Their doodle features the beloved Amul Girl, busy in the kitchen, with the caption, “Just cooking like a wow, Amul, always popular.” This post received over 59,000 likes and garnered praise from netizens for Amul’s creativity.

For those wondering, ‘Just looking like a wow‘ went viral after Jasmeen Kaur’s video in October. She is a social media sensation and a boutique owner specializing in women’s outfits in New Delhi.

Jasmeen’s enthusiastic expressions about her outfits, “So beautiful. So elegant. Just looking like a wow!” captivated audiences, turning it into a viral trend. Music producer Yashraj Mukhate even transformed her phrase into a catchy song. The trend gained momentum, with countless people creating Instagram reels featuring the memorable phrase.

This viral trend didn’t go unnoticed by celebrities. From Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh to Karan Johar, Sanya Malhotra, and Nusrat Jahan, many embraced Jasmeen Kaur’s one-liner. Her positive attitude and infectious energy turned a simple phrase into a global sensation, capturing hearts all over the internet.

Amul’s participation in this viral trend reflects its ability to stay current and engage with popular culture while maintaining its iconic charm and creativity. The dairy brand’s doodle is a delightful addition to the ‘just looking like a wow’ phenomenon that has brought smiles to countless faces.

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