Home Viral ‘Extreme Level Employees Harassment in Byjus’ Shocking Video Surfaces on Twitter

‘Extreme Level Employees Harassment in Byjus’ Shocking Video Surfaces on Twitter

Viral video shows BYJU's employee fighting with boss. Here is what exactly happened.

Extreme Level Employees Harassment in Byjus
Extreme Level Employees Harassment in Byjus

A video which is currently circulating on social media shows two of the employees from BYJU’s office embroiled in an argument. The video has been uploaded on Twitter handle named ‘Ghar Ke Kalesh’ and OnlineWiki cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. In the video, a female employee is seen standing up to her senior regarding incentives. Reports around BYJU’s ‘toxic’ work culture started circulating last year. The employees claimed that the work culture is abusive. In the video, the woman can be seen complaining about the lack of incentives and support.

“Yes sir, I am screaming because I am going mad,” the woman can be heard saying as she complains about layoffs and receiving just Rs 2,000 in Fnf. According to the caption of the video, the girl has been missing since then. The woman makes sure that she talks in front of everyone in the office.

Here is the Viral Video:

“One of the greatest reason that I am now more strongly believe in doing wfh that I don’t want to deal with some morons of low mentality (May be doing some high paid jobs) preserving your mental peace worths all that money, opportunity and patience,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another person mentioned, “Byjus giving 2000/- gratuity after 12 months of service on termination while giving crores to BCCI Indian cricket team ALL WITH INVESTOR FUNDED MONEY is peak debauchery.”

One person wrote, “I’ve personally heard byjus work culture is really shit and this relative of mine had to leave his job in byjus because of intense pressure to fulfil the targets.”

Meanwhile, earlier, a minor tiff over a chair in the office of a finance firm in Gurugram turned violent. This happened after an employee was shot at by his co-worker. The victim is reportedly in critical condition and is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital, PTI claimed quoting police officials.

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