Home Tech Sonnalli Seygall on Deepfake Incidents: Urgent Online Safety Call

Sonnalli Seygall on Deepfake Incidents: Urgent Online Safety Call

Sonnalli Seygall on Deepfake Incidents: Urgent Online Safety Call
Sonnalli Seygall on Deepfake Incidents: Urgent Online Safety Call

Actress Sonnalli Seygall has stepped forward to address the issue of deepfake incidents, prompted by the recent viral video featuring Rashmika Mandanna. She has shared her personal experience with manipulated content, highlighting the need for online safety and legal consequences.

In her statement, Sonnalli revealed that although her own encounter with manipulated content didn’t involve a video, it centered around manipulated images. She expressed, “Yes, it has happened to me in the past but not in a video, in the form of pictures. And it was very, very scary then.”

Sonnalli went on to explain that her mother played a significant role in bringing this matter to her attention. Given that the issue was relatively new at the time, her mother was understandably concerned and questioned her about the images. Sonnalli clarified the situation, reassuring her that the images were morphed and not real.

Reflecting on her personal ordeal, Sonnalli conveyed a mix of emotions, emphasizing the gravity of the issue at hand. She stated firmly, “It’s very sad. It’s scary and makes me angry. It’s completely illegal, and just because faceless individuals are involved in such activities, it doesn’t make it acceptable by any standards.”

The recent incident involving Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video has deeply troubled Sonnalli Seygall. She shared her apprehensions, saying, “Oh my God, it’s scary. Very, very scary. Of course, we have all seen it in the past with pictures, and that was always debatable, but this is so real to the point. I mean, it’s so illegal.” Sonnalli underscored the urgency for immediate action against such practices, advocating for legal consequences.

As both a woman and a human being, Sonnalli expressed her concerns regarding the potential dangers posed by manipulated content. She highlighted the need for a safer online environment, especially considering the extent to which our lives are intertwined with the internet, including social media, search engines like Google, and our personal smartphones. Protecting personal information and guarding against cyber threats have become essential in today’s digital age.

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