Home Tech Mastering Google’s Call Screening: Your Shield Against Spam Calls

Mastering Google’s Call Screening: Your Shield Against Spam Calls

Using Google's Android Call Screening Feature
Using Google's Android Call Screening Feature
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Google’s Call Screening is a potent tool to fend off pesky spam calls. If you have a Google Pixel phone, you’re in luck. This feature, powered by Google Assistant, is exclusive to the Pixel lineup. It’s a game-changer in call defense.

With Call Screening, you can screen calls without even picking up. It employs automated prompts and Google Assistant to provide real-time transcriptions and lets you ask questions before deciding whether to answer.

What is Call Screen?

Call Screen is a feature available on all Pixel devices. It works independently, no Wi-Fi or data required. It identifies potential spam calls, avoiding robocalls. When a call comes in, it prompts the caller to state their purpose and provides a real-time transcript.

You can instruct Google Assistant to ask more questions based on the response, helping you decide if it’s worth answering. For legitimate calls, you can pick up and chat.

Using Google’s Android Call Screening Feature

  1. Open your Phone app.
  2. Go to More > Settings > Spam and Call Screen.
  3. Turn on “See caller and spam ID.”
  4. Tap “Call Screen.”
  5. Under “Unknown call settings,” choose callers to screen.
  6. Opt for “Screen automatically” to dodge robocalls.
  7. Enable “Save Call Screen audio” for future reference.

Call Screening on Google Pixel

When someone calls, tap “Screen call.” The caller hears, “The person you’ve reached is using a screening service from Google.” Their response appears as a real-time transcript on your screen.

You can use predefined phrases for Google Assistant to ask questions:

  • “Is it urgent?”
  • “I’ll call you back.”
  • “Report as spam.”
  • “Tell me more.”

End the call or pick up using the red or green phone buttons.

How Does Google Call Screen Work?

When a call comes in, tap “Screen Call.” Google Assistant answers and transcribes the conversation. You can follow along, ask for details, reply, or mark it as spam. All of this happens on your device, ensuring privacy.

Privacy and Security Considerations

Google may store call information if permitted, enhancing call screening. Call recordings can be used to train speech recognition models. While it enhances services, scammers might exploit it.


  1. Why is Google not screening my calls?
    • Updates may disable call screening. Clear cache, force quit the app, and restart it to re-enable.
  2. Can you change Google Voice on Android?
    • You can change the Assistant voice in settings on most Android devices.
  3. What is the goal of screening calls?
    • Screening helps prioritize important calls and weed out unwanted ones, offering more control over your communication.

Master Google’s Call Screening to reclaim your phone from spam calls and gain the upper hand in call management. Your shield against intrusive robocalls and scammers.

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