Home Innovation 6G in India: Achieving 100% Fiberisation of Towers and More

6G in India: Achieving 100% Fiberisation of Towers and More

6G in India: Achieving 100% Fiberisation of Towers and More
6G in India: Achieving 100% Fiberisation of Towers and More
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India is gearing up for the future of telecommunications with a focus on 6G technology. A recent report by KPMG in India, in association with India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2023, sheds light on the country’s path to 6G.

  1. The Fiberisation Challenge

India’s goal for 6G requires 100% tower fiberisation, a significant leap from the current 38%. To achieve this, a strategic plan is crucial.

  1. Global Contribution

India aims to be a key contributor to 6G technology globally. Investing in research and development will bolster its role in shaping the future of telecommunications.

  1. Establishing Standards

India plans to play an active role in setting global standards for 6G. Leveraging its manufacturing capabilities, it intends to produce and export 6G equipment.

  1. Digital Leadership

India’s demographic advantage and technological progress position it as a potential global digital leader. The country’s focus on digital literacy, cybersecurity, new technologies, and export promotion is vital.

  1. Economic Impact

Embracing cutting-edge technologies like 6G, 5G, Satellite Communication, and semiconductors could boost India’s economy by approximately $240 billion in the next five years, contributing 1.6% to the national GDP by FY2028.

  1. Semiconductor Focus

India is aggressively pursuing a central role in the global semiconductor supply chain, offering substantial incentives, totaling $30 billion, to attract semiconductor and related industries.

  1. Growth in ICT Sector

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector’s growth aligns with India’s global aspirations. The government’s supportive policies and infrastructure are attracting major industry players.

India’s journey towards 6G is an exciting one, with ambitious goals and a clear roadmap. The nation is well-positioned to lead in the digital age, contributing significantly to the global telecom landscape.

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