Home Tech Google AdSense Shifts to Pay-Per-Impression Model

Google AdSense Shifts to Pay-Per-Impression Model

Google AdSense Shifts to Pay-Per-Impression Model
Google AdSense Shifts to Pay-Per-Impression Model

Google AdSense, a prominent advertising platform, is making a significant change. In early next year, it will shift from the traditional pay-per-click model to a pay-per-impression model, revolutionizing the way publishers earn through ads.


What’s Changing?

Under this new system, publishers will receive payment every time an ad is displayed, regardless of whether it’s clicked.

This move aligns AdSense with industry standards and offers a more consistent approach to compensating publishers across Google’s products and third-party platforms.

The type and quantity of ads you can display on your website won’t be affected by this transition, ensuring you maintain creative control.

Revenue Share Structure Update

Google is also updating the revenue-share structure, ensuring publishers can easily compare fees across various monetization technologies.

Instead of a single transaction, they are now splitting revenue shares into buy-side and sell-side rates.

For ads displayed through AdSense for content, publishers will receive 80% of the revenue after the advertiser platform deducts its fee, whether it’s Google’s buy-side or third-party platforms.

In the case of Google Ads, they will retain an average of 15% of the advertiser spend, but keep in mind this can vary based on user actions.

Overall, publishers will maintain about 68% of the revenue.

If advertisers use a third-party platform to purchase display ads on AdSense, publishers will keep 80% of the revenue after the third-party platform’s fee.

What Publishers Need to Do

The good news is that publishers don’t need to take any specific actions for this transition. It will be seamlessly integrated into the platform.

In summary, Google AdSense’s move to a pay-per-impression model simplifies payments and ensures consistency in how publishers are compensated, ultimately benefiting both publishers and advertisers.

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