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‘Everybody Was Dying in Front of Me’: Survivor Describes Horror of Israel Festival Attack

'Everybody Was Dying in Front of Me': Survivor Describes Horror of Israel Festival Attack
'Everybody Was Dying in Front of Me': Survivor Describes Horror of Israel Festival Attack
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Lee Sasi, an American woman from California, endured a nightmare at an Israeli music festival where Hamas militants unleashed a deadly attack, leaving at least 260 people dead. She recounted her terrifying ordeal while hiding under the bodies of victims.

The Supernova Music Festival: The Supernova music festival, held at the Re’im kibbutz in southern Israel, saw around 3,500 attendees. The event quickly turned into a tragedy, with numerous casualties, and many remain missing, potentially taken to Gaza.

The Start of the Horror: Lee Sasi initially mistook the incoming rockets for fireworks as she enjoyed the festival. However, when the reality became clear, she and others sought refuge in a nearby bomb shelter.

Gunmen’s Arrival: Amid the chaos, armed gunmen arrived at the scene. Lee’s friend, Alex, attempted to protect the shelter’s entrance but tragically lost his life. Gunfire and grenade explosions further exacerbated the carnage.

Hours of Horror: Lee Sasi spent a nightmarish seven hours under deceased festival-goers as the sound of explosions and gunfire surrounded her. The experience felt like an eternity, leaving her with lasting trauma.

Americans Held Hostage: President Joe Biden confirmed that Americans are among the hostages. He pledged support for Israel and strongly condemned the attack, emphasizing that terrorism has no justification.

Hamas Responds: In response, Hamas called on the U.S. to reconsider its position and move away from double standards regarding Palestinian rights to self-defense against Israeli occupation. A Hamas spokesman justified the incursion as legitimate resistance.

Mass Casualties: Israeli rescue services have retrieved at least 260 bodies from the festival site, and the death toll may continue to rise as search efforts for the missing individuals persist. This attack marks one of the deadliest civilian massacres in Israeli history.

A Walking Miracle: Lee Sasi shared her story in hopes that it would make a difference and shed light on the horrors she and others endured. She described her survival as a “walking miracle” amidst the tragedy.

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