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Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24, Next PM Election Date, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha Election Date

Upcoming Elections in India
Upcoming Elections in India

As we know, India is one of the biggest democracies in the World and it is run by two houses centred in New Delhi (Capital City). These two houses are Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha and members of these houses are elected through the Elections. So we are here with complete information regarding the Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24 for which citizens were waiting eagerly. It is to inform you that there are various types of elections such as Lok Sabha Elections 2024, Rajya Sabha Elections and Vidhan Sabha Elections State Wise. These elections are held regularly by the Elections Commission of India as per the Future Election Schedule 2023-24. Many People keep asking “When is the Next PM Election in India 2023-24”, so this post is made for them. We have clearly mentioned the Next PM Election Date 2024 below. So the most important information for you is that there are 3 major elections which are coming at the end of this year for Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2023-24.

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Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24

It is to inform you that there are various elections which are coming this year but before that you should know that dates mentioned regarding the elections are tentative but they must be conducted before the term ends so we have mentioned the expected dates. In the starting of January 2024, Assembly Elections are due in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana because their term is ending after that. However, there are many Upcoming Elections in India 2023-2024 such as India General Election 2024 in which the Prime Minister of India will be elected by the selected members from various districts in the State. Currently, the NDA led Government headed by Hon’ble PM Sh Narendra Modi has been working to develop India for the past 9 Years. Next year fresh elections will be held in which all the parties will contest and citizens of India will vote for their choice of candidate. After that, Counting of Votes will take place and winning candidates will elect the Prime Minister of India.

Next PM Election Date 2024

  • The Next PM Election Date 2024 is due in May 2024 and notification for the same is expected to be out by January 2024.
  • Current Tenure is going to end on 16 June 2024 which means that elections have to be conducted on or before May 2024.
  • The Election Commission of India will hold the meetings at various levels and then they will decide the schedule to conduct the elections.
  • Usually, India General Elections are conducted in different phases and this time also we are expecting it to be conducted in different Phases.
  • There are 543 Seats in Lok Sabha for which members are elected through the election and then the winners decide the Prime Minister.

State Wise Election Date 2023-24 Vidhansabha Chunav

State Name Future Elections 2023-24 Date (Tentative)
Andhra Pradesh May 2024
Arunachal Pradesh April 2024
Assam April 2026
Bihar October 2025
Chhattisgarh December 2023
Delhi February 2025
Goa December 2027
Gujarat December 2027
Haryana October 2024
Himachal Pradesh 2028
Jammu and Kashmir Due in 2023
Jharkhand April 2024
Karnataka May 2028
Kerala May 2026
Madhya Pradesh January 2023
Maharashtra October 2024
Manipur February 2027
Meghalaya February 2028
Mizoram December 2023
Nagaland February 2028
Odisha April 2024
Punjab February 2027
Rajasthan December 2023
Sikkim April 2024
Tamil Nadu April 2026
Telangana December 2023
Tripura February 2028
Uttarakhand February 2027
Uttar Pradesh February 2027
West Bengal March 2026
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Lok Sabha Election Date 2024 PM Election Date

  • The Notification for India General Elections 2024 is not released yet but the Election Commission of India is planning to conduct it soon.
  • All the States and citizens residing in it will vote for their contestant and then the winning candidate will make their vote in electing the Prime Minister.
  • Lok Sabha Election Date 2024 will be announced in January 2024 and Schedule for all the elections will be announced.
  • After that, the Election Commission of India will work intensively to conduct the elections and then counting will be done.
  • Various Opposition Parties and National Parties will contest the elections at All India Level.

Future Elections 2023-24

  • More than 7-8 States have their Elections due by January 2024.
  • Assembly elections for major states such as MP, Chhattisgarh and Telangana will be conducted in December 2023.
  • Apart from this local body elections in various states will also be conducted by various state commissions.
  • Most important election in Future Elections 2023-24 is the India General Election through which the next Prime Minister of India will be elected.
  • It is due in May 2024 and NDA (BJP and Others) with INC will be the major competition to win the elections.

India General Election 2024

  • The India General Election 2024 is also known as Lok Sabha Elections.
  • There are 543 Lok Sabha Seats which are distributed among all the states and union territories.
  • Previous Lok Sabha Elections were conducted in May 2019 and now the term is going to end on 16 June 2024.
  • Before this date, Elections will be conducted and the next Prime Minister of India will be elected.
  • Current Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi has been winning the trust of India for the past 10 years. Now we hope they excel again in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Rajya Sabha Election Date 2023-24

  • Rajya Sabha Election Date 2023-24 will be decided after the General Elections are over.
  • These seats have different criteria and members are elected through a different system.
  • There are 245 Members which are nominated and then Rajya Sabha Elections are done.
  • Different States have different numbers of RS Seats depending on their demographics.
  • Now as soon as the Elections in the State are over, new Rajya Sabha Members are elected.

Eci.gov.in Future Elections 2023-24

Election Name Future Elections 2023-24 Date
Mizoram 17 December 2023
Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 3 January 2024
Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 6 January 2024
Telangana Assembly Elections 16 January 2024

When is the Next Prime Minister Election in India 2024

The Next Prime Minister Election in India will be conducted in 2024. Current Term is ending in May 2024 which means that elections will be compiled in March to April 2024 among different phases. National Parties such as INC, BJP, CPI (M), BSP & Others will participate in this election to win the maximum seats. There are 543 Seats in the Lok Sabha for which members are elected through the India General Election. The BJP Led Government has been ruling the state for the past 10 years and now the next election is due in 2024. Many citizens want this government to come once again and there are bright chances that BJP will win the elections again.

Basic Queries on Upcoming Elections in India 2023-24

When is the Next PM election Date 2024?

Next PM Election Date 2024 is due in May 2024.

How many candidates are elected through India General Election 2024?

There are 543 Seats which are elected through India General Election 2024.

Which are the Future Elections 2023?

Upcoming Elections in India are Assembly Elections of Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram.

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