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Tragic Drowning at Texas Water Park Sparks Negligence Accusations Amid Mother’s Phone Use

Tragic Drowning at Texas Water Park Sparks Negligence Accusations Amid Mother's Phone Use
Tragic Drowning at Texas Water Park Sparks Negligence Accusations Amid Mother's Phone Use

In a tragic incident that unfolded at Camp Cohen water park in El Paso, Texas, a three-year-old boy lost his life in a drowning accident, while his mother was allegedly engrossed in her phone for an extended period. The heartbreaking incident has prompted accusations of negligence, as eyewitnesses and authorities seek to determine the circumstances surrounding the child’s tragic death.

The mother in question, identified as Jessica Weaver, aged 35, faces serious allegations of negligence and has been charged in connection with the untimely demise of her only child, Anthony Leo Malave. Eyewitnesses who were present during the incident have cited her apparent inattentiveness as a contributing factor to the tragic outcome. This incident occurred during the “soft opening” of the city-owned water park back in May.

Mrs. Weaver, who was taken into custody on August 30 in her hometown of Indiana, willingly agreed to extradition. Subsequently, she was placed in custody at the El Paso County Jail on September 22 but was later released on a $100,000 surety bond, as reported by a local news outlet.

During the incident at Camp Cohen water park, it was one of the 18 lifeguards on duty who eventually rescued the three-year-old from a four-foot-deep section of the pool. Shockingly, the child was not wearing a life vest, despite the facility having these safety devices available for guests, as noted in the reports.

The rules and regulations at Camp Cohen are explicit, indicating that children under the age of six must be actively supervised by a responsible adult who should remain nearby for constant oversight while at the water park.

Several eyewitnesses have provided accounts that suggest Mrs. Weaver was deeply absorbed in her phone for an extended period by the pool. One witness recounted seeing a woman matching Mrs. Weaver’s description who remained completely focused on her phone, not paying attention to her surroundings, for over an hour.

Another witness noted that the woman, who appeared to be alone, was continuously taking photos during her time at the pool. A third individual recalled observing the woman singing along to music playing on her phone, reclining, and seemingly engrossed in her device, just seven minutes before the tragic incident unfolded, and the child was pulled from the water.

As the investigation into this heartbreaking incident continues, questions arise regarding the shared responsibility for the safety of park visitors, emphasizing the need for vigilance, especially when young children are present in aquatic environments.

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