Home News Manipur Women Paraded Naked: A Grim Reflection of Our Society

Manipur Women Paraded Naked: A Grim Reflection of Our Society

Manipur Women Paraded Naked: A Grim Reflection of Our Society
Manipur Women Paraded Naked: A Grim Reflection of Our Society

The appalling incident in Manipur, where two women from the Kuki-Zomi community were paraded naked by a mob of men, has sent shockwaves across the nation. The disturbing video, which surfaced after more than two months, highlights the harrowing plight of women who often become the victims of violence during communal clashes and conflicts.

Silence and Outrage: The Dichotomy

The incident took place in B Phainom village, Kangpokpi district, on May 4, just a day after the violence erupted in the state. The video shows the women being humiliated, dragged, and groped by the men, leaving us questioning the depths to which our society can sink. It is disheartening to witness the silence that shrouds such heinous acts, despite the incident gaining widespread attention on social media platforms.

A Call for Action: Justice Must Prevail

In response to the video, the Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum has demanded immediate action from the state and central governments, the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes, and the National Commission for Women. The Manipur police, too, has vowed to make an all-out effort to apprehend the perpetrators involved in this ghastly act.

Rape as a Weapon: A Disturbing Reality

Rape as a tool of violence is tragically common during riots and conflicts worldwide. It is an abhorrent violation of human rights, recognized by the Genocide Convention international treaty. Women and children often bear the brunt of such violence, caught in the crossfire of war and politics.

Reflections from the Past: Women as Peace Activists

In the past, Manipur’s women, known as Meira Paibis or Imas, played crucial roles in bringing about peace. Their non-violent protests against various issues showcased their resilience and determination. However, in the present scenario, the women and children of Manipur find themselves victimized by bloody clashes, struggling to seek the help they need.

Politics Must Yield to Humanity

It is high time for politics to take a backseat and for citizens to acknowledge the dismal situation that has gripped the state. The breakdown in the relationship between communities and the alarming rise in violence must be addressed urgently. The well-being and safety of our fellow citizens should be our primary concern, transcending political affiliations and agendas.

A Wake-Up Call

As we witness the tragedy in Manipur, we must not remain silent spectators. This incident should serve as a wake-up call to our collective conscience. It is crucial for us to come together as a society, denounce such acts of violence, and demand swift justice for the victims. Only then can we hope to rebuild trust, foster peace, and pave the way for a more compassionate and just nation.

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