Home News Video: Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Targets Amid Escalating Conflict

Video: Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Targets Amid Escalating Conflict

Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Targets Amid Escalating Conflict
Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Targets Amid Escalating Conflict

In response to a barrage of thousands of rockets launched by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, the Israeli Air Force conducted precision airstrikes targeting multiple Hamas targets. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) released a video showcasing these strikes, which included missiles and smart bombs.

The IDF’s official statement on X reads, “Dozens of air force fighter jets attacked targets of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip a short time ago. The IDF appeals to the public to obey the instructions of the Home Front Command, which save lives.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized the situation as a state of war, declaring, “We are at war, not in an operation or in rounds, but at war.” He condemned Hamas for launching what he described as a “murderous surprise attack” on Israel and its people. Netanyahu announced an extensive mobilization of reserves and vowed a strong response.

According to Israel’s army spokesman, Richard Hecht, the conflict involved Gaza militants infiltrating Israel by land, sea, and air, utilizing paragliders. He confirmed that Israeli forces were engaged in ground combat, particularly in locations around the Gaza Strip. While he acknowledged casualties, he refrained from providing specific details or confirming reports of Israelis being captured by Palestinian militants.

As the situation escalates, Israel is preparing to call up thousands of military reservists for deployment in Gaza and other strategic areas, including northern Israel near Lebanon and Syria, as well as the occupied West Bank. The region remains on high alert as tensions continue to rise, raising concerns about the potential for further escalation in the conflict.

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