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Delhi Education Minister Atishi Blames BJP’s ‘Mismanagement’ for Poor Condition of MCD Schools

Delhi Education Minister Atishi Blames BJP's 'Mismanagement' for Poor Condition of MCD Schools
Delhi Education Minister Atishi Blames BJP's 'Mismanagement' for Poor Condition of MCD Schools

In a heated exchange that highlights the ongoing political tensions in the national capital, Delhi Education Minister Atishi has pointed fingers at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for what she describes as the “poor condition” of schools under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). During her inspection of an MCD school in the Nizamuddin area, Atishi expressed her dissatisfaction with the state of the institution and issued an ultimatum to the principal.

“The school principal has been granted a week’s time to resolve the problem or face suspension,” Atishi announced, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the issues plaguing the school.

At the heart of Atishi’s criticism is what she perceives as “mismanagement” during the BJP’s 15-year tenure in control of the MCD. She firmly attributed the “dismal” state of MCD schools to what she described as the BJP’s neglect and indifference towards these vital educational institutions. She claimed that the party’s actions had done more harm than good, resulting in the deteriorating condition of the schools.

In response, Praveen Shankar, a spokesperson for the BJP’s Delhi unit, accused Atishi of misconduct during her visit to the school and raised concerns about the impact of her behavior on both school staff and students.

“Delhi Minister Atishi’s conduct not only affects school staff but also has a psychological impact on students. Despite her academic achievements, Atishi’s actions show a lack of respect for teachers, whom we traditionally consider gurus,” Shankar alleged in a statement.

The exchange between Atishi and the BJP underscores the ongoing political battles in Delhi, where the education system has often been a focal point of contention. As both sides engage in a war of words, it is essential to remember that the heart of this matter lies in the quality of education that children in the city receive. The condition of MCD schools is a matter of concern for parents, teachers, and students alike, making it imperative for all stakeholders to work together to address these issues and prioritize the well-being and education of Delhi’s youth.

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