Home News Delhi Combats Pollution with Water Spraying

Delhi Combats Pollution with Water Spraying

Delhi Combats Pollution with Water Spraying
Delhi Combats Pollution with Water Spraying

As air quality in Delhi continued to deteriorate, the city is grappling with its sixth consecutive day of severe pollution. To address the crisis, the Delhi Fire Services has collaborated with the Delhi government to initiate water-spraying measures at various identified pollution hotspots.

Atul Garg, the Director of Delhi Fire Services, confirmed that 12 fire engines have been deployed to tackle the pollution issue by spraying water in critical areas. The water-spraying initiative is aimed at curbing pollution levels and providing relief to the citizens.

Despite efforts, the air quality index (AQI) in Delhi remains in the “severe plus category.” Unfavorable wind conditions, including calm winds during the night, have contributed to the persistence of a toxic haze in the city.

The AQI worsened from 415 at 4 pm on Saturday to 461 at 11 am on Sunday, as reported by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

In response to the dire pollution situation, Delhi’s Education Minister, Atishi, announced the continued closure of primary schools until November 10.

For students in grades 6-12, schools have the option to shift to online classes.

The central government’s air pollution control plan mandates the implementation of emergency measures, including banning polluting trucks, commercial four-wheelers, and construction activities when the AQI crosses the 450-mark.

The current air quality index categorizes pollution levels as follows: 0-50 (“good”), 51-100 (“satisfactory”), 101-200 (“moderate”), 201-300 (“poor”), 301-400 (“very poor”), and 401-450 (“severe”). An AQI exceeding 450 falls into the “severe plus” category.

Efforts to combat pollution in Delhi continue as authorities strive to improve the city’s air quality.

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