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Bridge Collapse in Bihar’s Jamui District Disrupts Communication for Over Two Lakh Villagers

Bridge Collapse in Bihar's Jamui District
Bridge Collapse in Bihar's Jamui District

Amid relentless heavy rains over the past few days, a critical bridge in Bihar’s Jamui district collapsed on Saturday, causing significant disruption to the lives of over two lakh villagers residing in Sono and Churhet Kajwe blocks. This bridge, spanning the Barnar river, served as the primary communication link between these two areas, and its collapse has left residents from more than 25 villages grappling with severe transportation challenges.

According to the district administration, the collapse of the bridge is attributed to the cave-in of approximately six pillars, a consequence of extensive sand mining activities in the region. This incident highlights the environmental consequences and risks associated with rampant sand mining practices in vulnerable areas.

The local administration responded swiftly to the incident, with Rajesh Kumar, the Circle Officer of Sono block, and SHO Chitranjan Kumar visiting the site to assess the situation and ensure the safety of the affected residents. As a precautionary measure, traffic movement on the bridge has been suspended, and loudspeakers have been employed to caution people to stay away from the compromised area.

Residents in the vicinity reported that sand mining activities along the Barnar river have been rampant, and miscreants even excavated sand near the bridge, contributing to the weakening of its pillars. The incessant rains over the past two days exacerbated the situation, ultimately leading to the unfortunate collapse of the vital bridge.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address environmental concerns, regulate sand mining activities, and reinforce infrastructure to safeguard the well-being and accessibility of rural communities. The disruption caused by the bridge collapse underscores the challenges faced by villagers who rely on such critical infrastructure for their daily lives and livelihoods.

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