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Takeshi’s Castle Teaser Out: Bhuvan Bam’s ‘Titu Mama’ Takes on Iconic Show

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Prime Video is set to revive the iconic 1980s Japanese game show, Takeshi’s Castle, with a desi twist. The show, known for its quirky challenges and humor, holds a special place in the hearts of millennials. In this Indian adaptation, Bhuvan Bam, the popular content creator, takes on the role of the commentator, adding his unique touch to the beloved series after a 34-year hiatus.


Bringing Back Nostalgia

Takeshi’s Castle was a beloved show in the 1980s, providing much-needed laughter and entertainment. Prime Video is now bringing back the magic with an Indian adaptation. The teaser for the show has just been released, unveiling the release date for this highly anticipated reboot.

A Quirky Tale of Titu Mama

The teaser introduces us to Titu Mama, a humble shoe salesman who playfully calls himself a ‘shoe-stopper.’ However, Titu Mama’s life takes an unexpected turn when the Yakuza abducts him due to a debt. As it turns out, Titu Mama’s only way to settle this debt is by lending his voice to the Hindi revival of Takeshi’s Castle.

Staying True to the Original

The reboot maintains the heart and soul of the original series. Over 100 contestants will tackle a series of zany challenges, all in pursuit of the coveted one-million-yen prize. Bhuvan Bam, though under duress from the Yakuza, brings his signature Indian perspective to the show. This promises an abundance of entertainment for the audience.


Takeshi’s Castle is back, and it’s going to be a rollercoaster of laughter and nostalgia. With Bhuvan Bam at the helm, the Indian adaptation promises to capture the essence of the original series that millennials cherished. Get ready for a wild and entertaining ride as Takeshi’s Castle makes a triumphant return on Prime Video, starting from November 2.

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