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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 18: Spicy Challenges and Controversial Twists Keep Viewers Hooked

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 18
Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Day 18

In the electrifying world of Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Day 18 unleashed a whirlwind of spicy challenges and eyebrow-raising decisions that left housemates and viewers alike buzzing with excitement.

The day’s highlight centered on a fiery challenge presented to Shobha. Her mission: to consume an outrageously spicy chicken dish and secure a spot as a contender in the next task. Shobha’s reactions, filled with exaggerated gestures and tearful moments, raised a few eyebrows as some viewers felt she might be overreacting to the fiery feast. Nonetheless, Shobha powered through, devouring an astonishing 27 pieces of the spicy chicken, earning her a contender status for the highly coveted three-week immunity task.

However, Bigg Boss had a surprising twist up its sleeve. Housemates Gowtham, Prashant, and Shubhasree, who had earlier challenged Shobha, were next in line for the spicy ordeal. Their task was to consume more pieces than Shobha. Gowtham, renowned for his lightning-fast eating skills, raced through his portion. Sandeep declared him the winner, but here’s where the controversy brewed. Bigg Boss claimed there was a tiny piece left in Gowtham’s bowl, unfairly ruling him out as the winner, and declaring Shobha as the victor. Many viewers believed Gowtham could have eaten even more pieces if the task had been explained properly and if he’d been given a fair chance.

Bigg Boss didn’t stop there. Shobha was questioned about her fellow housemates’ opinions regarding her suitability as a contender for the three-week immunity task. She accused Prashant of wearing a mask to hide his true nature, adding another layer of intrigue to the mix. In a separate conversation with Shivaji, Shobha voiced concerns about the male housemates frequently going shirtless, seemingly disregarding the presence of female contestants. As Shobha’s popularity appeared to wane, Prince Yawar, once with lower ratings, seemed to gain sympathy and support from the audience. In a recent episode, Prince had won a task, securing his position as a contender for the three-week immunity task.

But Bigg Boss had one more hair-raising challenge in store. Amar, initially selected as a contender, faced a challenge from Priyanka. The task involved sacrificing their hair. While Amar, with stitches in his head, refused to cut his hair as the task required a complete head shave, Priyanka accepted the challenge, embracing a boy-cut style to become a contender for the three-week immunity task.

With Prince, Priyanka, and Shobha gearing up to battle it out in the upcoming task, Day 18 of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 proved once again that it continues to be a rollercoaster of spicy challenges, emotional moments, and controversial decisions that keep both housemates and viewers on the edge of their seats.

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