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Adla Badli Season 2: Quick Overview, Release Date, Cast, and Where to Watch

Adla Badli Season 2
Adla Badli Season 2
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Adla Badli Season 2 is a web series that explores the life of a widow who, after her husband’s passing, finds herself leading a solitary life. However, her life takes a turn when her husband and sister-in-law pay her an unexpected visit. A story of love and connection unfolds as the widow and her brother-in-law decide to spend a day together.


Quick Overview

  • Web Series Name: Adla Badli 2 Season 2
  • Genre: Erotic, Romance, Fantasy
  • Language: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu
  • Director: S Rao
  • Season Number: 2
  • Part Number: 1
  • Episode Number: 2
  • Running Time: 28-30 Minutes
  • Producer: RR Entertainment
  • Music: Yet To Be Updated
  • Release Date: 28th October 2023
  • OTT Platform: Besharam’s Official App
  • Cinematography: Sumit & Sudesh
  • Editor: Navjot Poddar
  • Written By: Utkrash

Release Date

Adla Badli Season 2 was released on the Besharam’s official app on 28th October 2023.


The cast of Adla Badli Season 2 features talented actresses Priyanka Chaurasia and Anu Murya.


For a sneak peek of what to expect, you can watch the trailer here.

Actress Name

The main actresses in this web series are Priyanka Chaurasia and Anu Murya.

Where to Watch

You can catch Adla Badli Season 2 on Besharam’s official app.

If you’re interested in a story of love and connection set in the backdrop of romance and fantasy, Adla Badli Season 2 might be worth your time. With its unique storyline and talented cast, it promises an intriguing narrative for those who enjoy the genres of erotic, romance, and fantasy.

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