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Mark Wahlberg’s Action-Comedy “The Family Plan” Trailer Revealed


Mark Wahlberg is back, and this time he’s taking on a whole new role in the action-comedy movie “The Family Plan.” Scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on December 15, the recently unveiled trailer promises an action-packed and hilarious cinematic experience.

In “The Family Plan,” Mark Wahlberg plays the character of Dan Morgan, a former elite government assassin who has left his past behind to become a loving husband and father. Life seems perfect in the suburbs, with his wife, portrayed by Michelle Monaghan, adoring him. However, beneath the idyllic exterior, threats from his previous life as a government assassin reemerge, putting his family in grave danger.

The trailer reveals the chaos that unfolds as Dan Morgan takes his family on a spontaneous vacation to Las Vegas to keep them safe while concealing his secret profession. The stakes are high as he tries to be a fun-loving dad, make memories for his wife, handle his angsty teenage daughter, manage his pro-gamer son, and take care of their 10-month-old baby. Simultaneously, he must confront his past and step back into his assassin role one last time to deal with the relentless pursuers hot on their trail.

“The Family Plan” brings together the worlds of action and comedy in a thrilling collision, offering viewers a mix of intense sequences and laugh-out-loud moments. Mark Wahlberg’s transition from a government assassin to a family man promises an entertaining and heartwarming story with plenty of action and humor.

With its all-star cast and a plot that blends action, family, and comedy, “The Family Plan” is gearing up to be a must-watch film when it premieres on Apple TV+ on December 15. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and excitement in this highly anticipated movie.

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