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‘Mangalavaaram’ Trailer Unveils Intense Characters and a Thrilling Plot


Director Ajay Bhupathi, renowned for ‘RX 100,’ is set to take the audience on a spine-tingling journey with his latest offering, ‘Mangalavaaram.’ Scheduled for a theatrical release on November 17, this multi-lingual film (Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam) has been making headlines for its intense trailer.

The story unfolds in an ill-fated village where a gruesome murder occurs every Tuesday, sending chills down the characters’ spines. With a heart-pounding narrative, the trailer introduces a host of intriguing characters, most of whom are living in fear for their lives.

Muralidhar Goud’s character aptly describes the tension when he says, “The heart is popping out of the mouth.” As Ajay Ghosh’s character appears bewildered, the fear escalates, and many scramble to escape the sinister fate that befalls them.

Payal Rajput’s character makes a late and captivating entrance in the trailer. She seems to portray an abused and sexually harassed individual, caught in a tumultuous relationship. Chaitanya Krishna and other male characters radiate anger, adding depth to the suspenseful atmosphere.

‘Mangalavaaram’ is produced by Swati Reddy Gunupathi, Suresh Verma (Mudhra Media Works), and Ajay Bhupathi (A Creative Works). The trailer promises a gripping thriller, and the film’s composer, Ajaneesh Loknath (‘Kantara’ and ‘Virupaksha’ fame), provides a fitting soundtrack.

Previously, the romantic song ‘Emayyindho Emito’ was released, featuring Payal and Ajmal Amir. Notable actors Sritej and Nandita Swetha play pivotal roles in the film. The movie boasts impressive technical credits, including Dasarathi Shivendra as the director of photography, Madhav Kumar Gullapally as the editor, and Mohan Talluri and Raghu Kulkarni handling art direction and production design, respectively. The fight sequences are choreographed by Real Satish and Prithvi, and Raja Krishnan, a National Award recipient, serves as the sound designer.

‘Mangalavaaram’ presents a suspenseful and multi-faceted narrative, leaving audiences eager to unravel the mysteries it holds.

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