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‘Bubblegum’ Teaser – A GenZ Love Story


The teaser for the upcoming film ‘Bubblegum’ has been unveiled by Natural Star Nani, providing a sneak peek into Roshan Kanakala’s remarkable debut in this GenZ love story.

‘Bubblegum’ promises to be a captivating love story that resonates with the GenZ audience while incorporating the commercial elements that viewers eagerly anticipate. Roshan Kanakala portrays the character of a butcher’s son who embarks on a journey into the world of DJing. His encounter with Maanasa Choudhary at a pub sets the stage for a complex exploration of youth relationships.

The film delves into the intricacies of contemporary relationships, offering an intense narrative filled with emotions. Despite being his debut film, Roshan Kanakala delivers a performance that exudes authenticity, making him a promising newcomer in the industry. His impeccable diction and style are a perfect fit for the genre.

The teaser of ‘Bubblegum’ caters to the youth audience with its elements of romance, including intimate sequences and lip-locks. Maanasa Choudhary shines in her role, proving to be a noteworthy discovery.

The visual appeal of the teaser is enhanced by the skillful work of Suresh Ragutu, whose colorful visuals add depth to the narrative. Sricharan Pakala’s exceptional re-recording work elevates the overall impact of the teaser.

‘Bubblegum’ is jointly produced by Maheshwari Movies and People Media Factory and is set to hit theaters shortly after the highly anticipated Christmas clash between ‘Salaar’ and ‘Dunki.’

The release of the teaser has heightened excitement for the film, making ‘Bubblegum’ a much-anticipated addition to the GenZ love story genre.

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