Home Review Upload Season 3 Review: A Complex Ride in a Futuristic Dystopia

Upload Season 3 Review: A Complex Ride in a Futuristic Dystopia

Upload Season 3 Review
Upload Season 3 Review

The highly anticipated third season of the Prime Video original series, “Upload,” takes viewers on another journey through the eccentric mind of creator Greg Daniels. In this plausible dystopian future, the show continues to explore the consequences of our increasing reliance on advanced technology.


Upload Season 3 Review and Plot Summary

Season 3 unfolds with Nathan Brown, a deceased computer programmer, now inhabiting a human body. In his remaining moments in the real world, he deepens his connection with his love, Nora Antony. Simultaneously, a backup of Nathan is brought back to life in the digital realm of Lakeview, creating a unique situation with two versions of him. The catch: the digital Nathan has no memory of his breakup with Ingrid.

Ingrid seizes this chance to reboot her love life and mend her relationship with the digital Nathan. Meanwhile, the real Nathan is oblivious to this peculiar turn of events. In the real world, Nathan and Nora embark on a daring mission to expose Freeyond, a sinister digital afterlife system that threatens to make the exclusive Lakeview experience available to the general public.

As they race against time, Nathan’s human body can only last 24 hours, adding an extra layer of urgency. The question looms: Can Nathan and Nora save lives and find their own happiness in this bewildering world?

Is Upload Season 3 Worth Watching?

Season 3 delves into a complex web of subplots, making it surprisingly plot-heavy for a comedy series. This abundance of interwoven narratives can occasionally lead to confusion and messiness.

While advertised as a comedy, the series often relies on slapstick and exaggerated visuals rather than fully exploiting its intriguing Black Mirror-style setup. The balance between comedy and a dystopian setting is occasionally a bit uneven.

Despite these drawbacks, “Upload” has its moments, particularly in the corporate conspiracy storyline at its core. The exploration of futuristic technology offers thought-provoking elements. However, the series occasionally loses focus by incorporating filler subplots, diverting from its core mysteries.

Returning viewers will find enough comedy, action, and romance to stay engaged. However, the show seems to be stumbling in its third season, leaving doubts about its long-term sustainability.

“Upload” Season 3 offers a mixed bag, with a dedicated fan base likely to appreciate the continuation of Nathan and Nora’s story. While there are enjoyable aspects, it falls short of fully realizing its intriguing premise.

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