Home Review “The Winter House” Review – A Hidden Gem Deserving Recognition

“The Winter House” Review – A Hidden Gem Deserving Recognition

"The Winter House" Review - A Hidden Gem Deserving Recognition

“The Winter House,” directed and written by Keith Boynton, is a film that has flown under the radar but deserves a second glance. Starring the talented Lili Taylor and François Arnaud, it’s a quiet yet compelling narrative that warrants more attention.


Lili Taylor’s Exceptional Performance

Lili Taylor’s portrayal of Eileen Crane, a grieving novelist, is a masterpiece. Despite minimal recognition, her nuanced and sensitive performance shines, drawing viewers into her character’s world.

The Story Unfolds

Eileen seeks solitude in a remote New Hampshire house to overcome writer’s block and cope with the loss of her husband. Her peaceful retreat takes an unexpected turn when Jesse, a young man with his own troubles, enters her life. Their evolving relationship, from strangers to romance, is delicately crafted.

A Unique Romance

The film beautifully explores a unique romance between two individuals with a 15-year age difference. Eileen and Jesse’s interactions reveal hidden depths, making their characters come alive.

Unexpected Twists

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Jesse is not who he claims to be. He has a criminal past and battles addiction. The film takes a surprising turn as Eileen confronts this reality and must make life-altering decisions.

A Deliberate Pace with Understated Brilliance

While the film’s deliberate pace may not suit all audiences, Keith Boynton’s understated approach adds authenticity to the characters and their relationships. Lili Taylor and François Arnaud deliver performances filled with charisma and warmth.

An Implausible Love Story Made Plausible

Lili Taylor’s performance as Eileen and François Arnaud’s portrayal of Jesse turn an unlikely love story into a plausible one. Together, they illustrate the solace that can be found in each other, even in the face of adversity.

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