Home Review The Tailor Season 3 Review: A Lackluster Romantic Drama

The Tailor Season 3 Review: A Lackluster Romantic Drama

The Tailor Season 3 Review: A Lackluster Romantic Drama
The Tailor Season 3 Review: A Lackluster Romantic Drama

Netflix’s Turkish drama series, The Tailor, returns with its third season, but unfortunately, it fails to live up to the expectations set by the earlier seasons. The show revolves around the complicated life of the famous Turkish fashion designer Peyami Dokumaci and his friendship with Dimitri and his wife, Esvet. Season 3, directed by Cem Karci, brings new challenges and dilemmas for the characters.


Lackluster Storytelling

The third season of The Tailor largely centers on Esvet and Peyami attempting to keep their distance from each other. While Peyami is focused on expanding his business, Dimitri and Esvet take a vacation to spend time together as a couple. However, Dimitri begins to suspect an affair between his wife and his best friend. The storyline becomes repetitive, with Dimitri obsessing over the alleged affair, and this lack of plot development makes the show feel monotonous.

Character Development

One of the most significant drawbacks of this season is the lack of character development. The characters remain stagnant throughout, and the emotional depth necessary to justify their actions is missing. Instead, the audience is subjected to an extended period of Dimitri’s suspicions without any meaningful subplots to engage them. The lack of chemistry between Peyami and Esvet only adds to the frustration, as they appear perpetually unhappy and engaged in arguments.

Missed Opportunities

The third season misses opportunities to explore more intriguing subplots. For instance, a subplot involving Peyami’s mother and her relationship with Osman is introduced but left underdeveloped and unexplained. The dynamics between Peyami and his parents, especially his father’s relationship with Esvet, are neglected, despite the potential for more engaging storylines.

Glorification of Infidelity

The show also faces criticism for seemingly glorifying infidelity, as the characters engage in a deceitful affair while gaslighting Dimitri. This aspect of the storyline raises ethical questions, but the show fails to provide a nuanced exploration of the characters’ choices.

Direction and Performances

The direction of the series varies in quality, with the penultimate episode standing out as technically impressive. However, the thin screenplay limits the impact of the direction. The performances are generally well-tuned, with Salih Bademci’s portrayal of Dimitri being a standout, effectively conveying his character’s frustration and impatience.

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