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Sultan Of Delhi Review: A Sincere Attempt with Style and Swag

Sultan of Delhi Review
Sultan of Delhi Review

Milan Luthria, known for his affinity for settings that become integral to the story, takes us to 1962 Delhi in his web series, ‘Sultan Of Delhi.’ This period drama is all about style, swag, and the signature Milan Luthria one-liners.

Tahir Raj Bhasin leads the show, even though he might seem young for the role’s heroism. His presence and sincerity make up for it, adding depth to the narrative. Vinay Pathak’s versatile acting is always a delight, and Anupriya Goenka’s departure from her usual roles is refreshing.

Anupriya Goenka, known for her portrayal of righteousness in various films and series, brings a fresh and sexy dimension to her character in ‘Sultan Of Delhi.’ The show is packed with punchlines, but the actress’s earnestness shines through.

The series encapsulates all the elements we associate with Milan Luthria’s work – greed, sass, bravado – and as it’s on an OTT platform, there’s a touch of erotica too. ‘Sultan Of Delhi’ is a sincere adaptation of Arnab Ray’s book of the same name. While it may not reach greatness, it certainly offers an almost satisfying viewing experience.

In summary, ‘Sultan Of Delhi’ may not be a masterpiece, but it brings a sincere attempt to captivate the audience with its period setting, style, and charismatic performances. If you enjoy the signature Milan Luthria elements and are open to a dash of erotica, it’s worth a watch.

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