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King Of Kotha Review: Predictable Gangster Drama with Technical Brilliance

King Of Kotha Review
King Of Kotha Review

“King Of Kotha” is a gangster drama directed by Abhilash Joshiy and features Dulquer Salman and Aishwarya Lekshmi in the lead roles. The movie aims to provide a blend of period setting, suspense, and action within the gangster genre. Let’s dive into the various aspects of the film to understand how it fares.


Plot Summary

The story revolves around Raju (Dulquer Salman) and Kannan (Shabeer Kallarakkal), close friends who rise through the ranks of the mafia in Kotha. The film delves into their differences, the events that lead to their separation, and the conflict between them. The narrative explores their background and the reasons behind Raju’s confrontation with Kannan.


Dulquer Salman delivers a subdued performance as Raju, showcasing his journey from a young gangster to a seasoned one. While he fits the role well, there’s a lack of ferocity and intensity that one might expect from such a character. Aishwarya Lekshmi plays the love interest and has a pivotal role in the story’s twists. However, her character doesn’t offer much scope for her acting skills.


Abhilash Joshiy takes on the directorial helm for “King Of Kotha,” presenting a gangster drama with an undertone of thriller. The film’s period setting and attention to detail are evident right from the start. The slick execution and mounting of the narrative contribute to its visual appeal. However, it becomes apparent that the story’s uniqueness might be limited.

Direction and Execution

The film’s slow-paced narrative is balanced by the engaging execution and technical finesse. The period setting is meticulously crafted, and the attention to detail shines through. The actors manage to keep the audience invested despite the predictable storyline. The world-building and multiple characters contribute to a packed narrative that doesn’t feel chaotic.

Narrative and Pacing

The movie’s first half sets the stage for an extended storytelling experience. It introduces characters and plotlines, taking time to establish the context. While this approach adds depth, it also contributes to the movie’s lengthy runtime. The interval point introduces a time jump, leading to a literal and figurative growth in characters.

Second Half and Climax

The second half offers a revenge drama theme, enhancing the stakes and conflict. Although the narrative maintains a consistent pace, the lack of significant twists dampens the overall impact. The film’s climax, while prolonged, brings a sense of closure that aligns with the rest of the narrative.

Technical Aspects

“King Of Kotha” excels in technical aspects, with commendable work in areas like production design, cinematography, and background score. Nimish Ravi’s cinematography captures the period aesthetics, and the background score by Jakes Bejoy adds depth to the viewing experience.


“King Of Kotha” is a predictable gangster drama that benefits from its technical prowess and well-executed world-building. While the narrative’s familiarity limits its novelty, engaging performances and visual appeal keep the audience intrigued. If you can overlook the film’s length and enjoy technical excellence, it might be a decent watch.


  • Impressive period setting
  • Engaging performances
  • Strong technical execution


  • Lengthy runtime
  • Lack of surprising twists


“King Of Kotha” is worth a watch for its technical brilliance and committed performances. However, be prepared for a slow-paced narrative and a story that may not break new ground.

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