Home Review Flora and Son Review: A Melodic Journey of Redemption and Connection

Flora and Son Review: A Melodic Journey of Redemption and Connection

Flora and Son Review: A Melodic Journey of Redemption and Connection
Flora and Son Review: A Melodic Journey of Redemption and Connection

“Flora and Son” is a film that delves into the unexpected twists and turns life can take, following Flora’s journey as she navigates the complexities of motherhood, redemption, and reconnection. Set against the backdrop of Dublin, this film takes us on a journey of self-discovery, all centered around an unlikely catalyst—the discovery of an old acoustic guitar.


A Musical Olive Branch

Flora, played with heartfelt depth by Eve Hewson, finds the guitar in a dumpster and decides it could be a way to bridge the gap between her and her son, Max. With Max’s disinterest in the guitar, Flora embarks on her own musical journey, taking online lessons from Jeff, portrayed with understated charm by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

A Gritty Start

The film begins with a gritty and somewhat hopeless tone, mirroring Flora’s life. She seeks solace in wine, weed, and wild nights out. However, the discovery of the guitar and her determination to learn to play it gradually shift the narrative from discord to harmony.

Eve Hewson’s Powerful Performance

Eve Hewson’s performance is a standout, displaying a range of emotions from expletive-laden rants to heartfelt moments with Max and tearful renditions of Joni Mitchell songs. Her portrayal of Flora’s journey is both relatable and captivating.

Opposites-Attract Energy

While Flora and Jeff initially appear as opposites, their bicontinental chemistry evolves, revealing shared struggles and dreams. Even through video chats, their connection becomes palpable.

John Carney’s Expertise

John Carney, known for music-centered movies, excels in telling stories of artists with all their angst, failure, and resilience. “Flora and Son” adds another layer to his catalog, exploring redemption rather than fame. The film strikes a balance between realism and wish-fulfillment, with a stunning soundtrack that underscores the characters’ musical passions.

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