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Aspirants Season 2 Review: A Complex Evolution of Aspirations

Aspirants Season 2 Review
Aspirants Season 2 Review

“Aspirants,” the popular web series from TVF, takes a leap in its second season. This review delves into the show’s transformation and the intricate themes it explores.


Aspirants Season 2 Review

From Idealism to Reality

TVF shows often paint a rosy picture, but “Aspirants” breaks away from the norm. It balances nostalgia with a more grounded approach. The show transitions from depicting idealized scenarios to confronting the harsh realities of life. Also Read: Sex Education Season 4 Review: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Two Timelines, Two Worlds

Season 2 of “Aspirants” continues its signature narrative style, juxtaposing two timelines. The past follows the struggles of three UPSC aspirants, while the present showcases their adult lives. This duality highlights the shift from theoretical knowledge to practical application.

Pro-establishment or Balanced Optimism?

While some argue that “Aspirants 2” leans towards a pro-establishment narrative, it also presents a protagonist, Abhilash, with complex motivations. The show explores Abhilash’s idealism and how it impacts his relationships and decisions. It refrains from providing easy answers.

The Problem With Female Characters

Despite its growth, “Aspirants 2” still has some flaws. It includes awkwardly portrayed female characters, lacking depth and authenticity. Their roles revolve around the male leads, making them seem more like supporting characters.

A Grown-Up Version of the First Season

“Aspirants 2” demonstrates maturity by addressing the complexities of a survival-driven culture. It challenges the notion that success always outweighs failure. The show’s attention to detail, Naveen Kasturia’s performance, and the nuanced exploration of characters make it a worthwhile watch.


“Aspirants Season 2” is a compelling shift from idealism to reality. It balances optimism with complexity and offers a deeper understanding of its characters. While it has room for improvement, it remains an engaging and thought-provoking web series.

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