Home Entertainment Prabhas Fans Express Concern Over ‘Salaar’ Promotions

Prabhas Fans Express Concern Over ‘Salaar’ Promotions

Prabhas Fans Express Concern Over 'Salaar' Promotions
Prabhas Fans Express Concern Over 'Salaar' Promotions

Fans of Prabhas, eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Salaar,’ are growing increasingly concerned about the film’s promotional efforts.

The production house, Hombale Films, known for blockbuster hits like the ‘KGF’ series, has maintained an unusual silence regarding the film’s marketing.

Originally slated for a September release, ‘Salaar’ was pushed back to December 22nd due to post-production activities and other delays.

With only one teaser released and a lack of promotional content or a theatrical trailer, Prabhas fans are becoming anxious about the film’s reception.

On Prabhas’ birthday, fans expected a poster or an update from the makers but were left disappointed by the silence.

What’s particularly troubling for fans is the absence of communication from Hombale Films regarding ongoing rumors of reshoots and other speculations.

In response to this, a section of impatient fans has started a negative hashtag campaign, #UseLessHombaleFilms, expressing their frustration with the production house.

The campaign has gained momentum and is currently trending on social media, with thousands of tweets targeting the makers of ‘Salaar.’

The big question now is whether this negative trend will prompt Hombale Films and the ‘Salaar’ team to take action and provide the much-needed updates and reassurance to Prabhas fans.

Fans are eagerly waiting for a response from the production house, hoping for more transparency and communication about the highly anticipated film ‘Salaar.’

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