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Sushmita Sen and Rapper Raja Kumari Unite in ‘Sherni Aayi’ Song for Aarya 3

Sushmita Sen and Rapper Raja Kumari Unite in 'Sherni Aayi' Song for Aarya 3
Sushmita Sen and Rapper Raja Kumari Unite in 'Sherni Aayi' Song for Aarya 3

Aarya 3, the much-awaited series, has unveiled its latest song, “Sherni Aayi,” featuring the captivating vocals of rapper Raja Kumari. This song is not only a musical treat but also a celebration of strength and unity.

Sushmita Sen, the acclaimed actress who portrays the lead role in Aarya, is thrilled to have Raja Kumari as a collaborator. She describes the rapper as “a strong woman full of power,” emphasizing her role as the perfect counterpart to Aarya’s strength and resilience. Sen commends Raja Kumari’s remarkable talent, which she believes perfectly complements the character of Aarya.

In her own words, Sushmita Sen expresses, “Working on this together felt like a celebration of strong women everywhere. In the real world, I feel Aarya and Raja Kumari could make for an unbeatable pair, one that no one can mess with. For me, this isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem, and a clear declaration of inner strength and fearlessness.”

Sushmita Sen’s enthusiasm for the collaboration is evident in her Instagram post, where she shares insights into the creation of “Sherni Aayi” and her experience working with Raja Kumari.

American rapper and songwriter Raja Kumari had high praise for Sushmita Sen’s presence on the set. She mentions that this collaboration was a unique experience, and witnessing the aura that Sen brings to the shoot was beautiful. Raja Kumari highlights the positivity that Sushmita radiates, illuminating the entire set during the music video shoot for “Sherni Aayi.”

Raja Kumari passionately states, “I have always admired Sushmita’s strength, and being a part of this music video for ‘Aarya’ was like a dream come true for me. Even more so because it’s about two strong women coming together to inspire strength and power, and I truly stand for that! Even as I sang these lyrics, I got goosebumps as I could feel the power that Aarya embodies.”

“Sherni Aayi” is not just a song; it’s an anthem celebrating the strength and resilience of women. It serves as a tribute to all the “shernis” (lionesses) who embrace their uniqueness and face challenges head-on.

This collaboration between Sushmita Sen and Raja Kumari in “Sherni Aayi” showcases the power of unity and strength. The song can be enjoyed as part of Aarya 3, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

In a world where strong women inspire and uplift one another, this musical collaboration is a testament to the strength that women embody, both in fiction and in reality.

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