Home Entertainment Is Prashanth Neel’s Ugramm Linked to Prabhas Starrer Salaar ? Find Out

Is Prashanth Neel’s Ugramm Linked to Prabhas Starrer Salaar ? Find Out

Is Prashanth Neel's Ugramm Linked to Prabhas Starrer Salaar
Is Prashanth Neel's Ugramm Linked to Prabhas Starrer Salaar

As the release date for Prabhas’ highly anticipated action saga, ‘Salaar’, draws near, the excitement and speculation around the movie are reaching a fever pitch. Recent events have only fueled the speculation further, particularly concerning Prashanth Neel, the director of ‘Salaar’, and his earlier work, ‘Ugramm’.


The Buzz Around ‘Salaar’

With the announcement of the new release date, ‘Salaar’ has once again captured the attention of fans and cinephiles. However, another intriguing development on social media has intensified the buzz. Reports emerged over the weekend indicating that Prashanth Neel’s 2014 action thriller, ‘Ugramm’, had been suddenly removed from YouTube.

The Rumors and Resemblances

Speculation had been rife from the inception of ‘Salaar’ that Prashanth Neel might be remaking his own film, ‘Ugramm’, with Prabhas in the lead role, albeit with some script modifications. Although Neel had categorically stated that ‘Salaar’ features an entirely fresh storyline, the similarities observed in the first look posters and the story’s backdrop have kept these rumors alive.

The Ugramm Connection

‘Ugramm’ revolves around a protagonist torn between a promise to his mother to lead a violence-free life and his friend’s urging to confront a crime syndicate and end their atrocities. ‘Salaar’ is rumored to share a similar storyline but with significant changes to key characters, sparking further connections to ‘Ugramm’.

The YouTube Mystery and Veeram Plans

The abrupt removal of ‘Ugramm’ from YouTube has only added fuel to the existing rumors surrounding ‘Salaar’. Interestingly, a few years ago, discussions were underway about a sequel to ‘Ugramm’ titled ‘Veeram’, hinting at the film’s enduring legacy.

Awaiting the Truth

‘Salaar’ is set to hit the screens on December 22nd, and fans eagerly await the theatrical trailer’s release, expected to be a birthday treat for Prabhas fans on October 23rd. Until then, the suspense and speculation around the alleged connection between ‘Ugramm’ and ‘Salaar’ will continue.

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