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Every Barbie In The Barbie Movie Ranked

Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie features a variety of Barbie dolls, some more famous than others, but all of them with their own, unique charm.


Warning: spoilers for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie.

The Barbie movie features a variety of Barbie dolls, some very well known and others who have slid into obscurity. Since the announcement that Greta Gerwig was taking on a Barbie film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the leads, Barbie and Ken, anticipation was high. Now that Barbie has been released, the movie has been exceeding the expectations of critics and viewers, who have praised its story, production design, and performances. Barbie is packed with comedy and some heartwarming moments as well, along with a variety of Barbie dolls that go from well-known versions to more obscure and even controversial ones.

Barbie sees Stereotypical Barbie (Robbie) having an existential crisis after her perfect life in Barbieland suddenly begins to change. After following the advice of Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon), Barbie, along with Stereotypical Ken (Gosling), travels to the real world to meet the girl playing with her and fix the portal between Barbieland and the real world. Throughout her journey, Barbie presents and mentions a variety of Barbie dolls, of which only one has never been made. Here’s every Barbie in Gerwig’s movie, ranked.

17Proust Barbie

Though this Barbie doesn’t make a physical appearance in Barbie, she’s casually mentioned by Mattel’s CEO (Will Ferrell). When Barbie is captured by Mattel agents and the CEO tries to persuade her to enter a Barbie box, she mentions the box has a Proustian memory, with the CEO pointing out how badly Proust Barbie sold. Mattel never made a Proust Barbie, and instead, this was a reference to Marcel Proust’s novel Swann’s Way, where the Narrator has an involuntary memory after tasting a madeleine cake dipped in tea.

16Erica Ford’s Skipper

Erica Ford plays Skipper, Barbie’s younger sister, who is more of a background character in Barbie even though Stereotypical Barbie has brief interactions with her. Barbie is Erica Ford’s first big screen role, and prior to Gerwig’s movie, she played young Lavinia Bidlow in the TV series The Nevers.

15Marisa Abela’s Teen Talk Barbie

Marisa Abela plays Teen Talk Barbie, one of the dolls that sought refuge at Weird Barbie’s house. Teen Talk Barbie had a voice box with four phrases, one of which caused controversy (“Math class is tough”). Marisa Abela plays Ellie Sutherland in the TV series COBRA, Yasmin Kara-Hanani in Industry, and will play Amy Winehouse in the biopic Back to Black.

14Hannah Khalique-Brown’s Growing Up Skipper

Hannah Khalique-Brown plays Growing Up Skipper, another refugee at Weird Barbie’s house. Growing Up Skipper is yet another controversial doll as it was made to represent Skipper’s change into a teenager, so if you rotated her arm, she would grow an inch and small breasts would appear on her rubber torso. Growing Up Skipper in Barbie is Hannah Khalique-Brown’s most notable role to date.

13Mette Narrative’s Barbie Video Girl

Mette Narrative plays Barbie Video Girl, another Barbie doll living at Weird Barbie’s house. In 2010, Mattel launched Barbie Video Girl, which featured a video camera in Barbie’s necklace and a small screen on her back. The idea was for kids to make their own mini-movies and watch their own work, but it’s easy to see why this doll was very controversial, as it could have been used for harmful and illegal purposes. Mette Narrative played Jordan in The Old Guard and Justice in Hustlers.

12Nicola Coughlan’s Diplomat Barbie

Nicola Coughlan plays Diplomat Barbie, one of Stereotypical Barbie’s many friends in Barbieland. Like Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods, Diplomat Barbie doesn’t believe she should sacrifice her femininity to be taken seriously, though in Barbieland dressing in pink and glitter is probably what’s expected of her. Coughlan is best known for her role as Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton and Clare Devlin in Derry Girls

11Ritu Arya’s Journalist Barbie

Ritu Arya plays Journalist Barbie, who also happens to be a Pulitzer prize winner. Arya’s character enforces the narrative that Barbie can do anything, and so can the girls who play with her. Ritu Arya is best known for playing Lila Pitts in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy and Lena in the action comedy-drama movie Polite Society.

10Dua Lipa’s Mermaid Barbie

In addition to providing Barbie with one of its catchiest songs, Dua Lipa plays three versions of Mermaid Barbie, who briefly emerge from the waves at Barbieland. Dua Lipa is best known for her music career, but in addition to it and her role in Barbie, she will appear in Matthew Vaughn’s spy action thriller Argylle alongside Henry Cavill.

9Ana Cruz Kayne’s Judge Barbie

Ana Cruz Kayne plays Judge Barbie in Barbie, showing that not only can women do anything they desire, but they can also do it in style, as she wears colorful outfits in and out of court. Ana Cruz Kayne worked with Gerwig once before, starring as Olivia in her 2019 Little Women adaption.

8Sharon Rooney’s Lawyer Barbie

Sharon Rooney plays a close friend of Stereotypical Barbie, and one who has an important role in Barbieland: Lawyer Barbie. Rooney’s most notable roles are Miss Atlantis in the live-action remake of Dumbo, Rae Earl in My Mad Fat Diary, Laura in Sherlock’s “The Empty Hearse” episode, and Barbara in Zapped.

7Hari Nef’s Doctor Barbie

Hari Nef plays Doctor Barbie, who is also one of Stereotypical Barbie’s many close friends (and the one with the most hilarious reaction to Barbie’s flat feet). Nef is best known for playing Gittel in the TV series Transparent, Blythe in You, Talia in The Idol, and Bex Warren in the black comedy thriller Assassination Nation.

6Emerald Fennell As Midge

Emerald Fennell plays Midge, a doll marketed as Barbie’s best friend and who became one of the most controversial dolls as she had a “pregnant” version. The Narrator in Barbie quickly points out how controversial Midge was and that they shouldn’t spend much time with her as she was discontinued. Fennell directed Promising Young Woman, where she also had a cameo as “Video Tutorial Host”, and played Mrs. Smythe-Willard in Albert Nobbs, Princess Merkalova in Anna Karenina, and Vanessa Bell in Vita & Virginia.

5Emma Mackey’s Physicist Barbie

Emma Mackey plays Physicist Barbie, one of Sterotypical Barbie’s closest friends in Barbieland. Mackey rose to fame thanks to her performance as Maeve Wiley in Sex Education, and she also played Jaqueline de Bellefort in Death on the Nile and Emily Brontë in Emily.

4Alexandra Shipp’s Writer Barbie

Alexandra Shipp plays Writer Barbie, another close friend of Stereotypical Barbie, who as her character poster says, is a celebrated author. Shipp is best known for her roles as Kimberley Woodruff in Straight Outta Compton, Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, Abby Suso in Love, Simon, and Susan Wilson in Tick, Tick… Boom!.

3Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie

Kate McKinnon plays Weird Barbie, an outcast Barbie with awareness of the separation between Barbieland and the real world. Weird Barbie is what happens to Barbie dolls which are handled roughly by their owners, who cut their dolls’ hair, paint their faces, bend their limbs beyond their limits, and more. Weird Barbie is a mentor and ally to Stereotypical Barbie, and she’s key in bringing down Ken’s patriarchy. Kate McKinnon is best known for her time as a cast member of Saturday Night Live and for her role as Dr. Jillian Holtzmann in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters.

2Issa Rae’s President Barbie

Issa Rae plays one of the most important Barbies in Barbieland: President Barbie, who, of course, is also a friend of Stereotypical Barbie. Rae’s most notable roles are April Ofrah in The Hate U Give, Leilani in The Lovebirds, Issa Dee in the TV series Insecure, and voiced Jess Drew/Spider-Woman in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, a role she’s set to reprise in the sequel, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

1Margot Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie

Margot Robbie plays the main Barbie in Gerwig’s Barbie movie, referred to as Stereotypical Barbie. Barbie lives her best life in Barbieland, but after going through the experience of the real world, facing some very real issues, and experiencing a wide range of emotions, she decides to become a real-life Barbie. Among Robbie’s most notable roles are Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street, Jane Clayton in The Legend of Tarzan, Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad, Tonya Harding in I, Tonya, and Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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