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Twitter Trend #LeoScam Raises Questions About Box Office Revenues for Thalapathy Vijay’s ‘Leo’

Twitter Trend #LeoScam Raises Questions About Box Office Revenues for Thalapathy Vijay's 'Leo'
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Following the theatrical release of Thalapathy Vijay’s film ‘Leo,’ it initially reported exceptional revenues at the box office during its first weekend. However, a trending hashtag on Twitter, #LeoScam, has raised concerns regarding the authenticity of these reported collections. Allegations of inflated numbers, questionable tracking, and proxy bookings have fueled the online discussion.

A central accusation in the #LeoScam trend involves ComScore, a revenue tracking site that was previously regarded as reliable in the Tamil market. Critics argue that ComScore may have inflated the box office numbers for ‘Leo,’ casting doubt on the accuracy of the reported collections.

Rajinikanth’s fans have shared photos that suggest ‘Jailer’ sold more tickets on platforms like Book My Show than ‘Leo,’ yet the latter is reported to have higher revenues. These comparisons have led to suspicions that Vijay’s team may be artificially inflating the numbers, further fueling the #LeoScam discussions.

The trend also highlights the use of proxy bookings to create the illusion of a full theater when, in reality, it may be nearly empty. Critics argue that this misrepresentation is meant to deceive movie-goers into thinking theaters are filling up rapidly, contributing to the skepticism around the film’s box office performance.

The #LeoScam hashtag has gained significant traction on Twitter and is generating substantial discussion within the social media space. The allegations and suspicions surrounding ‘Leo’s box office collections have prompted fans and critics alike to question the transparency of these figures.

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