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Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ Sizzles at the Box Office: Eyes Set on 500 Crores After a Stunning 316 Crores Net in Just 4 Days!

Jawan Soars Past ₹480 Crores in India
Jawan Soars Past ₹480 Crores in India

In a cinematic triumph like no other, Shah Rukh Khan’s action thriller ‘Jawan‘ is rewriting the rules of Bollywood box office glory. After a historic extended opening weekend, the film continues its sensational run, holding strong even on the crucial make-or-break Monday.

Directed by the brilliant Atlee Kumar, ‘Jawan’ is poised to make an estimated 27+ crores in net collections, with a tantalizing possibility of surging to 29 crores in Hindi alone, depending on the impact of the evening’s high-stakes cricket match. At one point, the film flirted with the 30+ crores mark, only to gracefully adjust as the match took center stage.

Despite the cricket fever, ‘Jawan’ maintains its phenomenal grip in the Hindi version, while also securing an estimated 2.50-3 crores in net collections for its Tamil and Telugu versions, culminating in an all-India first Monday total of 29-30 crores net. This dazzling achievement propels the film past the 300 crores net milestone, with the Hindi version alone amassing a staggering 279+ crores.

With an extended 8-day week beckoning, ‘Jawan’ has its sights set on a grand total of 380-390 crores in net collections across all versions. The Hindi version, in particular, aspires to an impressive 335-345 crores net, marking a breathtaking first-week performance. With no competition in sight for at least three weeks, ‘Jawan’ is poised to sail past the coveted 500 crores net collection mark, making it a true marvel of Indian cinema.

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