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Ram Pothineni’s ‘Skanda’ Makes a Roaring Start at the Box Office, Sets New Day-One Record

Ram Pothineni and Boyapati Sreenu's Movie Fails to Impress
Ram Pothineni and Boyapati Sreenu's Movie Fails to Impress

Ram Pothineni’s much-anticipated mass and action entertainer, ‘Skanda,’ directed by Boyapati Sreenu, has taken the box office by storm with a powerful opening in the Telugu states. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film has managed to shatter records and win over audiences, particularly in mass centers.

A Record-Breaking Debut

‘Skanda’ kicked off its theatrical journey with a bang, collecting a staggering Rs 8.62 Crores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana combined. This remarkable feat marks the highest day-one collection in Ram Pothineni’s career, reaffirming his popularity among the audience.

Regional Breakdown: The film’s impressive box office numbers are as follows:

  • Nizam: Rs 3.23 Crores
  • Ceded: Rs 1.22 Crores
  • Vizag: Rs 1.19 Crores
  • East: Rs 0.59 Crores
  • West: Rs 0.41 Crores
  • Krishna: Rs 0.45 Crores
  • Guntur: Rs 1.04 Crores
  • Nellore: Rs 0.49 Crores

Strong First Week Expected: With ‘Skanda’ enjoying a solo run at the box office without competition from other major releases, the film is poised to have a successful run, especially in its first week. The absence of competing releases allows ‘Skanda’ to capture the attention of a wide range of moviegoers.

Profitable Venture: Notably, ‘Skanda’ has already managed to recover its investment through non-theatrical deals, setting the stage for a financially successful run in theaters.

In conclusion, ‘Skanda’ has proven that strong word-of-mouth and the magnetic charisma of Ram Pothineni can propel a film to extraordinary heights. Despite mixed reviews, the film’s record-breaking day-one collection is a testament to the star power and appeal of its cast and crew. As the movie continues its box office journey, it will be interesting to see how it performs in the coming weeks.

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