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Kushi Movie Review

Kushi Movie Review
Kushi Movie Review

The much-awaited pairing of Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha shines in this romantic drama. Despite their previous films not performing well at the box office, their chemistry keeps “Kushi” afloat.


Kushi Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Plot Overview

“Kushi” revolves around the love story of Viplav (Vijay Deverakonda) and Aradhya (Samantha), who hail from families with opposing beliefs. Viplav is the son of an atheist, while Aradhya’s father is a staunch believer. The film explores their journey from love to marriage and the challenges they face.


Samantha delivers a standout performance, reminiscent of her earlier roles. Vijay Deverakonda impresses, although his character occasionally feels like a reprisal of “Geetha Govindam.” The chemistry between the lead pair compensates for some plot shortcomings. The supporting cast does a decent job, with Murli Sharma and Sachin Khedkar standing out.

Technical Brilliance

Visually, “Kushi” is a treat, with exceptional cinematography and high production values. The soundtrack, except for one song, is soothing and complements the film’s mood. The backdrop of Kashmir adds to the film’s allure.

Hits and Misses

While the film starts with a breezy romance in Kashmir, the story takes its time to reveal the main plot. The comedy, especially by Vennela Kishore, works in parts. However, the second half shifts the focus to family and emotional drama, causing the film’s pacing to slow down. Some plot elements lack logical depth.


“Kushi” blends themes of marriage, misunderstandings, and parental egos. It excels in parts, with standout performances and memorable songs. However, the plot has inconsistencies and lacks depth in certain areas. The film manages to be a passable entertainer but falls short of a complete success.

Final Verdict

“Kushi” offers a mixed cinematic experience, with its highs and lows. The music and chemistry between the lead pair salvage the film, making it worth a watch for fans. However, it may not fully satisfy those seeking a coherent narrative.

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