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Watch Betaab Ishq Part 2 Web Series on ULLU Online

Betaab Ishq Part 2
Betaab Ishq Part 2

Betaab Ishq Part 2 web series on ULLU: Over-the-top streaming giants are your one-stop destination for all things entertainment. Ranging from thrillers to drama and spanning from romance to slice-of-life, streaming giants have web shows and movies that are equivalent to your theatrical experience if not greater. ULLU, a leading OTT giant in the streaming market, is known for coming up with unique ideas that delve deep into a complicated web of distorted human relationships. In the recent, ULLU has released the trailer of Betaab Ishq Part 2 which is in continuation of Betaab Ishq Part 1 which recently premiered on ULLU with high ratings.

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Betaab Ishq Part 2 Trailer

Betaab Ishq Part 2 Storyline

Betaab Ishq Part 2 follows a unique setting in which a young woman chases her father’s friend for motives unknown. Smart and Witty, Shanaya is playing a big game with her uncle at his own house where she arrived as a guest. Both the uncle and his daughter are oblivious to her intentions and treat her as a guest. Shanaya soon makes her intentions clear by offering advances to the uncle. While he initially ignores them, he gradually finds her tempting beauty irresistible. Meanwhile, Shanaya seems to have cast her spell on everyone in the house as her uncle’s daughter also cannot resist the physical advances of her boyfriend. But she wants to prevent her chastity at all costs. So, she makes a plan with her boyfriend and drugs her to seek revenge. What follows next will blow your mind.

Betaab Ishq Part 2 Release Date

Betaab Ishq Part 2 will release on ULLU on July 21.

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