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Agha Shiraz Reveals Secret Behind Humayun Saeed’s Success


Humayun Saeed is the biggest star in the country. He has achieved everything imaginable with giving many hit dramas that have been watched by millions all over the world, films that always manage to earn in crores in a country where the film industy is not very established and owning one of the biggest production houses in the country. Humayun Saeed has also performed in a hit Netflix series The Crown and he has received nearly all the awards in Pakistan.

Humayun is very close to his family. He always shares every big occasion with his brothers, wife and sister in law. He loves to share pictures with his family and his fans love to see the love he has for his family.

Actor Agha Shiraz was a guest at the Chocolate Times and he was asked who he thinks is not an actor. He took Humayun saeed’s name in a loving manner. Agha said that Humayun Saeed has said himself that he is not an actor. He said that Humayun is actually a hero and revealed the secret behind Humayun’s success.

He said that Humayun is successful because of his brother’s prayers for him. His brother’s prayers are behind all the success he has gotten in life.

This is what Agha Shiraz had said:

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