Home Business Kimmu’s Kitchen: How Kamaljeet Kaur’s Startup Earns Crores Selling Pure Ghee

Kimmu’s Kitchen: How Kamaljeet Kaur’s Startup Earns Crores Selling Pure Ghee

Kimmu's Kitchen: How Kamaljeet Kaur's Startup Earns Crores Selling Pure Ghee
Kimmu's Kitchen: How Kamaljeet Kaur's Startup Earns Crores Selling Pure Ghee
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In a world of thriving startups, Kamaljeet Kaur’s story stands out. At the age of 50, she embarked on a journey to establish Kimmu’s Kitchen, a venture that has now become a multi-crore success, earning her approximately Rs 20 lakh each month. Let’s delve into the remarkable journey of Kimmu’s Kitchen and the woman behind it.


The Inception of Kimmu’s Kitchen

During the challenging times of the 2020 Corona epidemic, Kamaljeet Kaur, a resident of Punjab who had relocated to Mumbai, recognized a need in the market. She noticed the scarcity of fresh, high-quality milk and ghee in the bustling city. Her upbringing in Punjab had accustomed her to the abundance of pure ghee, curd, and milk.

Driven by a desire to provide fresh milk and ghee to the people of Mumbai, Kamaljeet Kaur started her entrepreneurial journey by founding Kimmu’s Kitchen in December 2020.

Bringing Punjab to Mumbai

Initially, Kimmu’s Kitchen relied on local vendors for milk to make ghee, but the quality didn’t match the flavors of Punjab that Kamaljeet cherished. To capture the essence of Punjab, she decided to source her milk directly from Ludhiana, her hometown.

Through extensive research and planning, Kamaljeet began ordering milk directly from Ludhiana. The ghee-making process followed the traditional Bilona method, which involves converting curd directly into ghee, a stark contrast to the common practice of using butter or cream.

Kimmu’s Kitchen Today

Kamaljeet Kaur established the primary ghee-making unit in Ludhiana, where most of the Bilona ghee is prepared. The prepared ghee is then shipped to Mumbai for packaging and distribution.

Kimmu’s Kitchen offers ghee in various sizes, starting at 220 ml with prices around ₹399. As the quantity increases, so does the price. Their ghee has gained immense popularity and is cherished by consumers across the country.

A Multi-Crore Success

Kamaljeet’s hard work and dedication have transformed Kimmu’s Kitchen into a multi-crore startup. Currently, the company sells approximately 45,000 bottles of ghee every month, resulting in an impressive monthly revenue of around Rs 20 lakh.

In just one year, Kamaljeet Kaur has achieved sales worth crores, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess and the remarkable success of Kimmu’s Kitchen. This inspiring story is a testament to the power of determination and a strong vision.

Kimmu’s Kitchen has not only met the demand for high-quality ghee but has also become a symbol of women’s entrepreneurship, contributing significantly to the Indian economy. Kamaljeet Kaur’s journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder that with passion and persistence, success knows no age limits.

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