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Tillu Tajpuriya: The Gangster Who Headed His Gang for Over a Decade


Tillu Tajpuriya, a notorious gangster, was killed by four assailants inside Tihar Jail. He was involved in numerous criminal cases in Delhi and Haryana, including the high-profile Rohini court shootout in which gangster Jitender Gogi was fatally shot. Tillu, known for leading the Tillu gang, held a prominent position in the criminal underworld for more than ten years. This wiki article provides an overview of Tillu Tajpuriya’s criminal activities, his rise to notoriety, and his rivalry with other gangs, particularly with Jitender Gogi.


Early Life and Background

Tillu Tajpuriya was born and raised in Tajpur Kalan village. He completed his education up to Class 10. Despite a modest educational background, he became a prominent figure in the world of crime, gaining notoriety for his involvement in various criminal activities in Delhi and Haryana.

Criminal Activities and Notoriety

Tillu Tajpuriya was involved in more than 11 criminal cases, primarily in Delhi and Haryana. His criminal record included serious offenses such as murder, extortion, and arms smuggling. He was particularly notorious for his alleged involvement in the 2021 Rohini court shootout, which resulted in the killing of gangster Jitender Gogi. Tillu Tajpuriya’s connections with other notorious gangsters, including Neeraj Bawania, Sunil Bali, and Chhenu, further elevated his criminal status.

Running a Gang from Jail

Despite being incarcerated since 2016, Tillu Tajpuriya managed to run his gang from inside jail, according to police officials. This demonstrated his influence and the extent of his criminal network. His ability to coordinate criminal activities from behind bars showcased the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in curbing organized crime.

Legal Troubles and Convictions

Tillu Tajpuriya faced multiple charges and convictions throughout his criminal career. He was convicted for life in the murder case of Niranjan Master in Sonipat, Haryana. Additionally, the Delhi Police’s Special Cell had booked him under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), indicating the severity of his criminal activities and his involvement in organized crime.

Rivalry with Jitender Gogi

Tillu Tajpuriya’s main rival was gangster Jitender Gogi, and their clashes for dominance often resulted in violent confrontations. The intense rivalry between their gangs led to several incidents of murders. The animosity between the two criminals claimed the lives of more than 30 members from their respective gangs. The genesis of their rivalry can be traced back to a student union election at Delhi’s Swami Shraddhanand College in 2010, where they initially supported candidates from different parties but eventually formed their own gangs.

The Tihar Jail Incident

Tillu Tajpuriya met a gruesome fate inside Tihar Jail when four members of the Gogi gang cut through two iron grilles of the high-security prison and fatally stabbed him “40-50 times” using an improvised weapon. This incident underscored the extent of gang rivalries and the challenges faced by the authorities in maintaining security within the prison system.

Legacy and Impact

Tillu Tajpuriya’s criminal activities and his rivalry with Jitender Gogi left a significant impact on the criminal landscape of Delhi and Haryana. His ability to lead a gang from within jail and the violent clashes between their respective gangs highlighted the complexities of organized crime in the region. The end of his reign marked a significant development in the ongoing struggle against organized crime in the area.

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