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Priyamani: Age, Height, Career, Family & More


Priya Vasudev Mani Iyer, also known as Priyamani and affectionately called Pillu, is a renowned Indian actress celebrated for her remarkable portrayal of ‘Muththazhagu’ in the Tamil film “Paruthiveeran” (2007).


Personal Life

Born on June 4, 1984, in Bengaluru, India, Priyamani completed her education with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is a Hindu and has a penchant for non-vegetarian cuisine. Her hobbies include listening to music and dancing.


Priyamani’s educational journey took her through notable institutions in Bengaluru, India. She began her schooling at Sri Aurobindo Memorial School, where she likely laid the foundation for her future success. Later, she pursued higher education at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College in Bengaluru. She emerged from her educational endeavors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a testament to her commitment to both her studies and her burgeoning career in the entertainment industry.


Priyamani’s multifaceted career spans across various Indian film industries. She made her debut in

Film Telugu: Evare Atagaadu (2003) as ‘Priyamani’
Film Tamil: Kangalal Kaidhu Sei (2004) as ‘Vidya Sadagoppan’
Film Malayalam: Satyam (2004) as ‘Sona’
Film Kannada: Raam (2009) as ‘Pooja’
Film Bollywood: Raavan (2010) as ‘Jamuni’
TV (Malayalam): D 4 Dance (2014) as a Judge
TV (Kannada): Dancing Star 2 (2015) as a Judge
TV (Tamil): Kings of Dance (2016) as a Judge

Awards & Achievements

Priyamani has received numerous accolades during her career, including:

  • National Film Award for Best Actress for the film “Paruthiveeran” (2006)
  • Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actress for the film “Paruthiveeran” (2006)
  • Filmfare Award South for Best Actress – Tamil for the film “Paruthiveeran” (2007)
  • Vijay Award for Best Actress for the film “Paruthiveeran” (2007)
  • Filmfare Award South for Best Actress – Malayalam for the film “Thirakkatha” (2008)
  • Sandalwood Star Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film “Vishnuvardhana” (2011)
  • Filmfare Award South for Best Actress – Kannada for the film “Chaarulatha” (2012)
  • SIIMA Award for Best Actress for the film “Chaarulatha” (2012)
  • Suvarna Film Award for Best Actress for the film “Chaarulatha” (2012)
  • Asiavision Television Award for Best Celebrity Judge for the show “D2 – D 4 Dance” (2015)
  • Asiavision Television Award for Best Celebrity Judge for the show “D3 – D 4 Dance” (2015)
  • TSR TV9 National Film Award for Best Actress – Kannada for the film “Dwaja” (2018)

Physical Stats

Standing at approximately 168 cm (5 feet 6 inches) tall, Priyamani boasts striking black eyes and lustrous black hair.


Priyamani’s life has seen its share of controversies

  • In 2012, the Hyderabad media reported that the Aazaan actor, Sachiin Joshi, had teased Priyamani in “allegedly inebriated” state at a party after a match. The reports stated that he had tried to “hold her hand” and “hug” her. However, Priyamani called the reports false and said, “We were just unwinding after the matches. I don’t understand why a story like this has been circulated. All it does is harm Sachiin and my reputations.”
  • In 2016, Priya shared her engagement news with her fans and well-wishers through Twitter. The actress, who was expecting blessings and good wishes from everyone, was apparently showered with a lot of criticism and nasty comments about her fiance and family. Upset with so much of negativity coming her way, the actress gave a befitting reply to her haters. She wrote, “Fed up of so much of hatred and negativity with regards to the engagement news that I shared this morning hoping that everyone would be a part of my new journey and bless me with ur kind messages..but I’m appalled
    by so much of negative reactions!Grow up you people!!!ITS MY LIFE..and I’m NOT answerable to any one apart from my parents and my fiancé!”
  • In May 2016, Priyamani attracted controversy for her remarks over a rape case. The gruesome rape and murder of Jisha, a Government Law college student in Ernakulam, shocked the entire nation and many celebrities voiced their dissent over the recurrence of such incidents in the country. Priya too took to Twitter to share her agony and wrote that India was not a safe place for girls. She even asked the women to leave the country and move to safe places abroad. She was highly criticised for her statement.
  • Priyamani acted in a movie titled “Engiruntho Vandaal,” but the film for some unknown reasons never progressed beyond a point. So, the makers of the film did not pay her in full. However, later the film was completed with some other artists and a few of Priya’s hot stills, which had been shot earlier, were also being included in the film. Unhappy with the maker’s act, Priyamani filed a complaint with Movie Artists Association MAA, demanding its intervention, and stop using her content or pay her in full.
  • Ayesha, Mustafa’s first wife, delivered a statement in July 2021 in which she asserted that Pariyamani’s marriage to Mustafa was invalid. She said, “Mustafa is still married to me. Mustafa and Priyamani’s marriage is invalid. We have not even filed for divorce and while marrying Priyamani, he declared in the court that he was a bachelor.” Later, while denying the allegations, Mustafa said, “The charges against me are false. I am paying the children’s maintenance to Ayesha regularly. She is simply trying to extort money from me.”

Family & Relationships

Priyamani’s family includes her husband Mustafa Raj and her parents, Vasudeva Mani Iyer, who is an entrepreneur, and Latha Mani Iyer, a former national badminton player and former bank manager at the Union Bank of India. She has a brother named Vishakh. She was rumored to have been in relationships with actors Prithviraj and Jagapthi Babu before tying the knot. The couple got engaged on May 27, 2016, and exchanged their vows on August 23, 2017.


Among Priyamani’s favorites are Chicken Biriyani as her preferred dish, ice creams, and chocolates for desserts. She admires actors like Kamal Haasan and the late Sridevi, holds director Mani Ratnam in high regard, and has a soft spot for the sport of cricket.

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