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Who is Monu Manesar ?

Monu Manesar
Monu Manesar

Mohit Yadav aka Monu Manesar is a Bajrang Dal activist, cow vigilante, and social worker. He is of Yadav caste and has the sacred symbol “Om” tattooed on his right hand.

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Personal Life

Born on either August 5, 1993 (Thursday) or August 5, 1995 (Saturday), Mohit Yadav is currently 28 to 30 years old. He hails from Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, and follows the zodiac sign Leo. Mohit completed his education with a diploma and adheres to Hinduism, actively protecting cows as a part of his beliefs.

Physical Stats

He stands at a height of 176 cm and weighs 80 kg. With black eyes and hair, he possesses a striking appearance.


Mohit Yadav’s involvement in two prominent controversies has brought him public attention. In the Nasir-Junaid Double Murder Case, he was initially accused of involvement, but later removed from the FIR and chargesheet.

In the case of the alleged assault on three Muslim men following a car accident, one victim, Waris, passed away due to injuries. Mohit denied involvement, while the police maintained that the death was solely related to the accident.

He faces multiple criminal cases under IPC sections 302 and 307, encompassing charges of murder, assault, and attempted murder.

Relationships & Family

Mohit Yadav is a married man, although the name of his wife remains undisclosed. He has two children, including a son named Manjeet. Mohit’s father, Om Prakash Yadav, passed away on June 27, 2019. He has a younger brother named Rohit Yadav, and his cousin brother is Vinod Kumar.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Monu Manesar

  • Monu Manesar is a member of the Bajrang Dal and a cow vigilante. He holds a prominent position within the organization. He is among the primary suspects in the 2023 Nasir Junaid murder case. In a video in July 2023, Monu asserted his intention to participate in the Mewat Brajmandal Yatra scheduled for July 2023 which allegedly caused discontent and anger among the Muslim community in Nuh following which communal violence ensued in the area.
  • Upon reaching the age of eighteen, Monu Manesar encountered Dr Dharmendra Yadav, an Akhil Bhartiy Hindu Kranti Dal member, who subsequently assumed the role of his mentor. In the company of Dr Dharmendra Yadav, Monu was acquainted with Dr Manjeet Yadav, a significant figure in Vishva Hindu Parishad. Under the tutelage of Dr Manjeet Yadav, Monu gained entry into Bajrang Dal, where he became an active member.
  • During an interview, Monu recalled a significant incident from his college days when he witnessed a distressing sight – a truck filled with cows being smuggled. Sadly, when the police intercepted the truck, numerous cows had already lost their lives. This deeply affected him, prompting Monu to make a solemn pledge to put an end to cow smuggling. he embarked on a journey to combat cow smuggling and gradually gained fame as a vigilant cow protector in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. He also became a member of the Gurugram District Cow Protection Task Force in 2015.

    Monu Manesar with a police officer after becoming a member of Cow Protection Task Force

    Monu Manesar with a police officer after becoming a member of the Cow Protection Task Force

  • Monu Manesar has also played an active role in the Civil Defence Team of Gurugram. He has frequently participated in diverse rescue operations during local accidents and actively contributed to social initiatives, such as organizing blood donation camps.

    Monu Manesar donating blood

    Monu Manesar donating blood

  • While attempting to thwart cow smugglers in 2019, he sustained a gunshot wound to the chest. He was rushed to a private hospital in Gurugram, where he underwent medical treatment for a period of four days.

    Monu Manesar with his son and mother after coming home from the hospital

    Monu Manesar with his son and mother after coming home from the hospital

  • Monu has achieved significant popularity on social media, and as a testament to his success, he was honoured with the YouTube Gold Button when his channel surpassed 100k subscribers.

    Monu Manesar with YouTube Gold button

    Monu Manesar with YouTube Gold button

  • Monu can be observed showcasing pistols and rifles in his photographs. During an interview, he openly disclosed that he possesses both a licensed pistol and a rifle.

    Monu Manesar holding a rifle

    Monu Manesar holding a rifle

  • Monu was implicated as a significant catalyst behind the outbreak of communal violence in Nuh and Mewat, Haryana. It was reported that he had shared a video announcing his intention to join the Mewat Brajmandal Yatra on July 31, 2023. This video seemingly ignited public anger, leading to mob violence; however, Monu later clarified that he refrained from participating in the yatra due to security apprehensions.
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