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Darshan Hiranandani: Age, Height, Career, Family & More

Darshan Hiranandani
Darshan Hiranandani
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Darshan Niranjan Hiranandani, born on October 13, 1981, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is a prominent figure in India’s real estate and business landscape. As the CEO of the Hiranandani Group, one of India’s largest and most diversified real estate developers, he has made significant contributions to the family legacy and expanded the group into emerging sectors.


Family Legacy and Early Life

Darshan Hiranandani comes from a Sindhi Hindu family with deep roots in Karachi, Pakistan. His father, Niranjan Hiranandani, is the co-founder and managing director of the Hiranandani Group, ranked among Forbes’ 100 richest Indians. His mother, Kamal Hiranandani, oversees the group’s hospitality and education ventures. Darshan’s family also includes his sister, Priya Vandrevala, who is an entrepreneur and investor based in London.

Education and Career

Hiranandani’s educational journey took him from Mumbai’s Bombay Scottish School to the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. There, he earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance, along with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. In 2006, he joined the family business as a director of Hiranandani Constructions Pvt Ltd, the group’s flagship company.

Expanding the Business

Under Darshan Hiranandani’s leadership, the Hiranandani Group diversified its portfolio into various domains, including data centers, cloud computing, energy, industrial warehousing and logistics, semiconductors, and consumer services. His vision led to the group’s expansion into international markets, such as Dubai, Sri Lanka, Oman, Tanzania, and Myanmar.

Notable Ventures

Some of Darshan’s notable ventures include:

  1. Yotta Data Services: A leading data center operator that owns and operates the world’s second-largest data center park in Navi Mumbai.
  2. H-Energy: An oil and gas company operating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and pipelines in India.
  3. Tarq Semiconductors: A semiconductor design company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) chips.
  4. Tez Platforms: A consumer services platform offering digital payments, e-commerce, entertainment, education, healthcare, and social media solutions.

Awards and Achievements

Darshan Hiranandani has received several awards and recognitions for his contributions to business and entrepreneurship. Some of these include the Ramakrishna Bajaj Award for the best hospital in India, the Asia Pacific Quality Organization Global Performance Excellence Best in Class Award, and the National Business Excellence and Achievers Award.

Personal Life

Darshan Hiranandani married Neha Jhalani in 2009. Neha is an author known for her books on women achievers. The couple has two children and resides in Mumbai and Dubai, where they manage their businesses. They are active in philanthropic endeavors, particularly in areas such as education, healthcare, and the environment.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

With a net worth of approximately $5.13 billion, Darshan Hiranandani is one of India’s wealthiest businessmen. His wealth is derived from his stake in the Hiranandani Group and various ventures under the Nidar Group. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle, characterized by international travel, luxury cars, and high-end fashion.


Darshan Hiranandani faced a legal dispute with his sister, Priya, in 2009, where she accused him and their father of violating their contract and diverting funds from a company called Hirco to other projects. The matter was resolved in 2016 by the London Court of International Arbitration, which ordered them to pay Rs 360 crore to Priya.

Bribery Allegations

In 2023, Darshan Hiranandani became embroiled in a political controversy when BJP MP Nishikant Dubey alleged that opposition MP Mahua Moitra had accepted bribes from Hiranandani to raise questions in Parliament that favored his business interests. Moitra denied the allegations and filed a defamation suit against Dubey.


Darshan Hiranandani’s journey from education in New York to leading a vast conglomerate reflects a blend of family legacy and personal ambition. His contributions to the real estate and business sectors in India are significant, and he continues to be a key player in expanding the Hiranandani Group into new horizons.

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