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Who is Austin Scott: The Georgia Republican in the Race for House Speakership

Who is Austin Scott: The Georgia Republican in the Race for House Speakership
Who is Austin Scott: The Georgia Republican in the Race for House Speakership

Austin Scott, a Republican Representative from Georgia, has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the House speakership. His candidacy emerged after House Majority Leader Steve Scalise withdrew from the race, setting up an alternative to Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

In his announcement on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Scott expressed his commitment to legislative work and a House that operates in the best interest of the American people. An ally of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Scott cited the need to do the right thing the right way as his motivation for entering the race.

Scott’s decision to run was relatively spontaneous, as he had not initially planned to do so. He emphasized the importance of conducting a campaign that puts the interests of the American people first. His candidacy received backing from Rep. Frank Lucas in the GOP conference meeting.

The Georgia Congressman criticized the current state of the GOP, particularly its inability to select a new speaker, stating that it makes the party appear divided. He noted the influence of a small group within the party that demands their way, leading to disruptions during previous speaker selection processes.

In this bid for the speakership, Austin Scott faces competition from Rep. Jim Jordan, who is also vying for the role. This contest follows Kevin McCarthy’s ousting as speaker earlier this month and his decision not to seek re-election. Steve Scalise, the GOP conference’s nominee over Jordan, withdrew from the race after failing to gain sufficient support from House Republicans.

In an earlier statement, Scott criticized the eight Republicans who supported Joe Biden and the Democrats in their attempt to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. He referred to them as “grifters” who undermined party unity and effectively gave control of the House to the Democratic Party.

Before entering the world of politics, Austin Scott owned and operated an insurance brokerage firm for two decades. He began his political career in 1997 as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives and was subsequently elected to Congress in 2011.

Representing Georgia’s 8th Congressional District, Scott serves on several significant committees, including the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Armed Services Committee, and the House Agriculture Committee.

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