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Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar: Pakistan’s 8th Caretaker PM, Balochistan’s Respected Politician

Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar
Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar

Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar currently holds the role of Pakistan’s 8th Caretaker Prime Minister, a position he will relinquish once a new democratically elected government takes charge.

Hailing from Balochistan, he is a powerful and esteemed figure in Pakistani politics, known for his dedication to elevating Pakistan’s standing in South Asia.

Anwaar is particularly recognized for his expertise in Pakistan’s foreign policy, and his selection for the post received widespread support when chosen by Shahbaz Sharif.

Personal Life

Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar, born in Balochistan, Pakistan, is a 52-year-old patriot deeply committed to his country’s progress. His educational journey took him through St. Francis School in Quetta, and he later graduated from the University of Balochistan.

Anwaar belongs to the Kakar tribe, a significant part of his identity.

In his personal life, Anwaar Ul Haq is a married man, adhering to the Kakar tribal tradition of not publicly disclosing his wife’s name. He maintains a private family life, with no available photographs of his spouse. The couple has one son.

Career Highlights

Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar’s political journey led him to be elected as an Independent candidate to the Senate in 2018, representing Balochistan. He also served as the spokesperson for the provincial government of Balochistan, showcasing his strong ties to the region and its political landscape.

Throughout his career, Anwaar was closely associated with the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), an influential political entity in the region.

Recent Controversy

Anwaar Ul Haq Kakar recently found himself in the midst of a controversy when a tweet of his went viral. In the tweet, he expressed support for the conversion of Hindus to Islam. This statement garnered attention and stirred discussions within Pakistan.

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