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Who is Akbar Al Baker: Age, Height, Career, Family & More

Who is Akbar Al Baker
Who is Akbar Al Baker
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Akbar Al Baker, a prominent Qatari businessman of Indian descent, has left an indelible mark on the aviation industry. He is best known for his role as the Group CEO of Qatar Airways and his contributions to the growth of Hamad International Airport. This article provides a comprehensive overview of his life, career, and notable achievements.


Early Life and Education

Born in Mumbai, India in 1962, Akbar Al Baker’s journey to success began with his education. He attended St. Peter’s School in the picturesque Panchgani hills of Maharashtra before moving to Mumbai. Al Baker later earned his degree from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics. His educational journey laid the foundation for his future accomplishments, which would eventually take flight in the aviation industry.

Career Highlights

Akbar Al Baker’s ascent in the aviation industry commenced in 1997 when he assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Qatar Airways.

Prior to this pivotal appointment, he worked at the Civil Aviation Directorate of Qatar, gaining invaluable experience.

Al Baker’s influence extends beyond Qatar Airways; he has held positions as the CEO of various divisions under Qatar’s national airline, including Qatar Executive, Qatar Airways Holidays, and Qatar Aviation Services.

One of his most notable achievements is his leadership in the development of Hamad International Airport, which opened in May 2014. This world-class airport now serves as the home base for Qatar Airways, facilitating inbound and outbound flights from Doha.

Akbar Al Baker’s impact extends globally as well. He has been involved in the acquisition of stakes in multiple international airlines, including those within the International Airlines Group, LATAM Airlines Group, Cathay Pacific, and China Southern Airlines Co.

In May 2021, Al Baker assumed the position of Governing Board Chairman of the Oneworld alliance, further solidifying his presence in the global aviation landscape.

Controversies and Challenges

While Al Baker’s career has been marked by remarkable achievements, it has not been without its share of controversies. He faced criticism in the past for Qatar Airways’ policies regarding female cabin crew, particularly concerning marriage and pregnancy. The airline eventually relaxed these policies in response to international labor standards.

Al Baker also stirred controversy with his comments about passengers and cabin crew. His remarks about US airlines and cabin crew members attracted both attention and criticism.

In 2018, his comment that airline CEOs should be men due to the challenging nature of the role led to backlash. Although he later apologized, it highlighted the gender disparity issue in the aviation industry.

Moreover, Al Baker has been involved in intellectual property disputes, notably claiming that Changi Airport’s Jewel copied designs from Hamad International Airport expansion plans, a claim disputed by Changi Airport Group’s CEO.


Akbar Al Baker’s legacy in the aviation industry is undeniable. As the former CEO of Qatar Airways and a key player in the development of Hamad International Airport, he has left an indelible mark. Despite facing controversies, his contributions to the industry and leadership in various aviation organizations have solidified his reputation as a significant figure in the world of aviation.

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